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Small Sign Blanks in acrylic, Aluminium Composite and  Foamex.

GJ Plastics produce a range of small sign Blanks in a selection of sizes thicknesses and colours and shapes.
The blank sign plates are produced in Acrylic, Aluminium composite. Foamex and Correx.
You can add vinyl, paint or direct print to the sign face.

Who can use them?

Sign companies, crafters or even schools and nurseries can use for painting on them.
You can make printed signage, interior signs, POS displays, lettering or temporary displays.

Value for money blanks.

Fantastic value for money, you can purchase sign blanks with no holes or holes to suit sign supports.
You can buy with 4 holes that are placed 15mm in from each corner or alternatively 2 holes centre of short edges or 2 holes centre of long edges both are 15mm from the edge.

What Blank Shapes can you cut?

We are not just limited to strait edge cuts, by using one of our CNC routers, or Lasers we can produce all sorts of wonderful shapes to make your sign design come to life.