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Plastic Fabrication

GJ Plastics has built up an enviable reputation for its plastic fabrication over the last 25 years. We can work in all manner of
plastics from acrylic, Perspex, foamex, PETG and Polycarbonate. Our in house design team are equipped with the latest design and CAD software to turn your design into reality. We can work from detailed engineering drawings to a sketch on a scrap of paper. Alternatively, let us know what you are trying to achieve and we will come up with the design for you.

Some of the equipment with have in our Radcliffe manufacturing outlet:-

CNC Routers:

We have CNC routers that can cut sheets up to 3050mm x 2050mm and a thickness over 60mm. Being very accurate and precise you can be assured that your parts are cut to the highest quality standards. Routers are great for cutting Acrylic, Foamex, Dibond, PETG and Polycarbonate.

Plastic Fabrication CNC Laser Cutters:-

Our 150-watt lasers make light work of acrylic and Perspex. With a big bed size, large parts can also be cut. The beam of the laser is 0.2mm thick so extremely accurate and complex parts can be cut using a laser cutter. The laser also polishes the edge as it goes, so there is no need for additional finishing when the part comes off the machine.

Diamond Polishing:

When your Perspex or acrylic panel comes off the CNC Router, the edge will come out quite dull. If the edges are square then we can
run the panels through the diamond polisher which will then shine the edges back up to a crystal clear state. It uses a high speed
cutting head equipped with a synthetic and real diamond, which gives the edge a superior, crisp and clear finish.

Flame Polishing:-

If your panel has radius corners or edges that are not square then don’t worry, we can still polish it back up for you. Flame
polishing is what it says on the tin, we use a flame to polish the edges. We sand the radius as smooth as we can then use our flame
polishing machine to pass over the edges, making them clear once again.

Plastic Fabrication Line bending:-

Our line benders can heat and bend plastic from 1.8mm up to 30mm thick. The line bender uses hot wires to precisely heat the area
that requires the bend. Once enough heat has been put into the panel it can be taken out and bent to the angle required.

What materials do we use for Plastic Fabrication:-

Acrylic (Popular Brands being Perspex, Plexiglas and Acrycast) – a perfect replacement for glass, as it is a lot lighter and up to 8
times stronger than a glass of the same thickness. Such uses as point of sale displays, photo frames, furniture, glazing and shopfitting.

Foam PVC (Foamex) – Although having foam in its name, it is not a squishy material, it is in fact a hard rigid plastic. It is both
lightweight and cost effective and widely used in displays and signage. Class one fired rated material.

Aluminium Composite (Popular Brands being Dibond, Alupanel and Skybond) – Widely used in signage, aluminium composite is a thin
layer of aluminium, either side of a plastic composite material. It can be folded into sign trays and light-boxes, to make shop
signage. It can also be direct printed and laminated to make strong, durable signage.

Fluted Polypropylene (Correx) – Often used as short term or temporary signage, Correx is perfect for direct printing. It is very
cost effective and is ideal for event signs and wayfaring. Think of it as corrugated cardboard but in plastic format, it also has the benefit of being fully waterproof and tear-resistant.

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) – It offers very good clarity and light transmission in combination with a high gloss
surface finish and good strength properties. It has about 70% strength of Polycarbonate of the said thickness and is a lot stronger
than acrylic or glass. With uses such as replacement windows and machine guards and it is a lot more cost effective than

Polycarbonate – Quite simply, polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics around, even being used in some bullet-resistant glass.
It is nearly as clear as glass, lighter weight but over 20 times stronger. With many uses such as Skylights, Window Glazing, Sign Plates,
Food Processing, Aerospace and Exhibitions and Displays.

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