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Digital Print

GJ Plastics has invested heavily in large format digital print equipment over the last seven years to create our Digital Print to Plastics range. We have a large number of printers to print anything from small signs to large format signs. Initially, we started just branding our products, but very quickly, we moved into printing all manner of signage, such as Correx, foamex, acrylic and Dibond. We also started to offer a range of PVC banners, Roller Banners and Posters. One of our original production bottlenecks was outsourcing printing, which increased lead times and costs with less control over quality.

What products can we digitally print to?

Correx Digital Print Signs
Digital Print to Foamex Board
Dibond or Aluminium Board Printing and Signage
Perspex and Acrylic Signs
Outdoor Signs Printing
Roller Banner Printing
Print onto our standard range of products, such as dump bins and stands.

What digital printing equipment do GJ have?

HP FB500 Flatbed Digital Printers – These machines are one of the country’s most popular flatbed large format digital printers, if not the world. They produce excellent quality and can print panels up to 3050mm x 1525mm (10ft x 5ft). We print thousands of sheets of Correx, foamex, Dibond and acrylic through these machines monthly. The FB500 can print onto most flat surfaces and even print glass, wood and your office door!

HP Latex 360 Roll-to-Roll Printers – Our roll-to-roll machines are 3rd Generation Latex, which uses water-based ink, better for the environment than your traditional solvent machines. We can print stunning graphics up to 1440 dpi. These printers are ideal for roller banners, PVC outdoor banners and large format posters. We can even offer waterproof posters for A Boards.

Mimaki A3 UV Flatbed: – This is our smallest machine, but the size isn’t everything; this machine can print onto all products, such as pens, acrylic plaques, rulers, Dibond, foamex and even golf balls! The Mimaki prints are very high quality, using very durable inks, so it is an excellent machine for promotional items. We can even print short runs of pens, with a minimum of just 50 units.

Summa F Series Flatbed Cutter: – Our Summa cutter compliments our FB500 Flatbed printers. We put the plastic sheets through the printers, ensuring a series of registration marks are included around the outside of the print. The Summa cutter then uses its built-in camera to find these registration marks and cut the sheets accordingly. This means we can cut substrates such as Correx and foamex to almost any shape you like. It is ideal for making Selfie frames, cutouts and standees.

As you can see from above, our print department is full of hi-Tec equipment, all running genuine inks and parts so that you can be assured of high quality yet cost effective Digital Print to Plastics.

Digital Print GJ Plastics

Digital Print to a Giant Cheque by GJ Plastics

Digital Print GJ Plastics

Digital Printer at GJ Plastics