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Plastic Sheeting, Cut to Size

Cut to size sheet with online calculator, Cut Plastics, quality product range by GJ Plastics.

GJ Plastics are one of the UK's leading online sellers of cut plastic sheeting. We cut to size many types of sheeting to almost any size from a variety of  thicknesses.

If your materials require pre-drilled holes, rounded corners or polished edges simply select with the cut panels email us the hole sizes and location, we will do the rest.

Our acrylic sheet offered in clear and colours are possibly the best cut to size prices in the UK to date offering great value. Please note all cut sizes are cut to a tolerance of +/- 1mm of the size.

► Material include:

Perspex Cast Sheet in a huge range of colours.

GJ Plastics are delighted to offer you the first 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet cut to your size and shape requirements.

The branded cut plastic sheeting is called Greencast®, the premium quality material is manufactured in Italy by Madreperla SPA.

It has been extensively tested and been in production for the last 2 years. The cast acrylic offers the same clarity and performance has virgin sheet materials, they will fabricate and last as long as standard virgin acrylics. 

They have excellent UV stability and are a great thermal insulator, having an electrical surface resistance higher than most plastics. 

The Greencast®, acrylic cut to size sheet not only is made from 100% recycled material, that can be recycled successfully over and over again without degradation of clarity or quality of the acrylic sheets.

We offer a wide range of thicknesses in clear acrylic and a comprehensive standard colour range of recycled acrylics in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.

Remember if you are looking for a real “green” alternative acrylic solution then the only choice is Greencast®  the only truly 100% recycled acrylic sheet.

GJ Plastics have successfully been operating a closed loop system for recycling our acrylic waste products for the last three years, preventing the material from going in land fill and turning it back into new stock, we believe that not only does this help save our precious resources, but offers a far more effective solution to disposing of our waste products and improving our carbon footprint.

Perspex coloured Plastic sheet is also available to purchase if required.

Our cut to size, acrylic sheet is offered in clear, glass look or coloured in a variety of thicknesses.

Aluminium Composite has a very flat surface making it ideal for direct printing, it offers outstanding weather durability and low maintenance. The sheets can be folded, formed and easily cut to any shape or size.

Polycarbonate Sheeting is the strongest form of clear plastic it is almost unbreakable being 200 times stronger than glass.

Foam PVC Sheets is a closed cell PVC, it is B1 fire rated and are ideal for direct printing on large format printers for signage, promotional boards or exhibition boards.

Foamed PVC can also be utilised as a hygienic interior wall cladding in kitchens and food preparation areas.

Clear PETG is a thermoplastic polyester, providing excellent toughness and chemical resistance. Petg is cheaper than Polycarbonate however, it has 80% of impact resistance. This cut plastic has good insulation properties and is easy to fabricate.

Correx Sheet is ideal for temporary signage or promotional display products, correx boards are perfect for direct printing.

► Instant cut to size prices by using our site’s price calculator

► Accurate cut to size, cut to shape service If a more bespoke, non-rectangular or circular shape is required, simply email us for additional costings.

► Optional Direct to substrate printing with the latest UV ink technology.

► Over 30 years’ experience with thousands of happy customers.

We can cut and fabricate to various shapes and sizes you may require.

GJ Plastics have a wide range of high tech. processing equipment in our UK factory including CNC routers, laser cutters, heat bending equipment and direct to substrate large format printers.

We also have commercial equipment for drilling, threading and bonding materials.  Our lasers, diamond polishers or flame polishing equipment, can produce highly polished edges on Acrylic or Perspex. 

Our staff have many years of experience and a vast knowledge of all cut plastics materials and the required machining methods for all the products we sell.

If you have a questions, on any cut plastic materials, usage or fabrication methods, Please call us.

Our highly skilled staff will ensure your products will be cut exactly to your requirements.