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Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard designed and made by GJ Plastics Ltd. The company has been in business for twenty-eight years, adapting quickly to market requirements. Due to high demands due... Read more

Made to Order 3-6 Working Days
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Made to Order 3-6 Working Days

£69.95 £83.94 inc VAT


Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard designed and made by GJ Plastics Ltd.

The company has been in business for twenty-eight years, adapting quickly to market requirements. Due to high demands due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we reacted speedily and designed our Acrylic Sneeze Guard.

Perspex Guards, part of the protection needed to help reduce Coronavirus spread, Acrylic Sneeze guards offer a protective barrier to block airborne particles.

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard GJ Plastics

Made in the UK in our factory, Offered to you in three sizes:

Medium Size:

Sneeze Guard 750mm tall by 800mm wide

Large Size:

Perspex Sneeze Guards offered in 750mm tall by 1000 wide.

Super Size:

Acrylic Sneeze Guard offered in 750mm tall by 1200mm wide.

All slot sizes are 400mm width x 125mm height.

We can make your bespoke sizes. Call us for a quotation.

Perspex Acrylic sneeze guards manufactured in house, making without the slot if required.

We are designing the acrylic Guards.

Our design team design the guards in Solidworks software. We then convert the drawings to code for our CNC routers and Lasers.

Machined to the specified size, we then pack all Acrylic panels, screws and connectors ready for dispatch to you.

Connectors for Sneeze Guards.

GJ Plastics exclusively designs the connectors in Solidworks and 3D printing software; we 3D print them on one of our industrial 3D printers in our factory outlet.

Finishing processes.

Edges of Perspex Screens polished by laser cutting, flame polishing or diamond polish and deburred to give you that premium finish.

Coronavirus guards in Acrylic or Perspex, ideal for customer and staff protection.

More robust, transparent, lighter and cheaper than glass.

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guards.

Perfect in the fight against Coronavirus ensures that your employees are at less risk in a customer-facing environment.


GJ Plastics make Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guards for Airports, Hospitals, Doctors and Dentists surgeries, Pubs, retail outlets, offices and many more business types.

We are happy to help businesses provide protection guards for nail salons or multiple Perspex Protection Guards for larger firms or large office spaces to protect their staff and customers from Coronavirus.

Finding on search engines.

People looking for Covid protection on search engines such as Google for terms such as Acrylic sneeze guard providers, Perspex Acrylic sneeze Guard, Covid Sneeze Guards, protective Covid guard UK manufacturers or similar,

Thanks to our fast production, delivery service and convenient flat-pack supply have found their solution quickly through our premium sneeze screen options.

Our Perspex guards are effective.

Combined with other methods to control the spread of viruses, yes.

Many commercial premises are ordering this product for reception desks and other areas for their virus protection safety.

Products supplied as self-assembly flat-pack kits are simple to assemble.

Cleaning method.

Please use liquid soap and water to clean and maintain the hygiene of your guards.

Production Priority.

The  Acrylic Sneeze Guard is given priority over other orders.

National Health Service, GP Surgery, Pharmacies and Airports provided with priority.

Give us a call or drop us an email, and we will rush your order through as a priority.

Covid guards can be moved around as and when required.

Attaching guards.

Can fix feet to the countertop work surface for a more permanent solution.

Please take a look at our other Guard and screen options.

If you Require Notices, Signs or Stickers, check out the following.

We are happy to discuss any safety protection project with you.

Bespoke Sneeze Guard.

If you need a custom size guard designing and manufacturing, GJ Plastics are happy to design a quote and manufacture one for you.

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard GJ Plastics

Made in Britain
by GJ Plastics.

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard GJ Plastics

GJ Plastics Approved Fabricator for Perspex

Additional information

Weight 5 kg