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Perspex Acrylic Display Cubes.

Display your products to a high standard with Perspex Acrylic display cubes from GJ Plastics.

Our range can used in retail, museums, exhibitions or even the memorabilia market.

Perspex Acrylic Display Cubes.

Made in clear Perspex Acrylic at great value for money prices, please remember though just because they are great value, produced to a high standard.

You can choose from our cheaper 3mm thick acrylic display cubes through to our 5mm thick sturdier Perspex Acrylic display cubes in a variety of sizes.

Features & benefits:

Clearer than Glass.

Stronger and safer than glass.

Easy to position in a display.

Perspex Acrylic Cubes allow you to get creative with your product display.

Place your goods inside or on top of the box.

Create colourful, exciting displays for windows or shelves.

Perspex Acrylic display cubes produced by our skilled plastic fabricators in our factory in Bury, Manchester.

We can produce them in frosted, glass look or a range of coloured Perspex Acrylic.


If you wish to brand your display cube, we will be happy to provide a quote.

Do you Recycle?

Our Perspex Acrylic trimmings fully recycled the are sent back to manufacture new sheet and never put into landfill.

GJ Plastics recycle hundreds of tonnes of plastic in this way each year.