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Vintage Motorcycle Sign.

One decorating theme for the man cave or garage is vintage motorcycle Sign. You may love the roar of the engine and the sense of freedom as you travel the roads on your bike.

The love of Motorcycles never fades away, particularly if you choose to decorate with vintage motorcycle signs.

Focal Point.

Why not select from our range of motorcycle signage and make them a focal point by hanging them in a prominent position?

Type of Signs.

We stock huge variety of vintage style motorcycle signs, but also a huge selection of classic car signs and other transport man cave signs to add style and a unique look to your garage, home or office.

What do you make them in?

GJ Plastics make the sign in a choice of two materials they are three-millimetre Aluminium composite or three-millimetre Foam PVC.

What size are they?

We offer three sizes 200mm by 150mm, 300mm by 200mm and 400mm by 300mm.

How do you print them?

GJ Plastics print to the material on one of our UV flatbed commercial printers direct.

Where are they produced?

We manufacture and design them in Britain.

Personalising you man cave. 

You’re no doubt proud of your man cave, and rightfully so. So let everyone know it’s yours when they comes to visit.

For the Man who loves is hobby and takes delight in showing off his man cave adding some personal man cave individuality is paramount.

Let GJ Plastics assist you in creating that individuality.