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Find the perfect train station sign gift for the railway enthusiast.

Personalised aluminium composite train station sign in a range of colours.

The platform signs we print with any station name or your name.

We offer two sizes in the platform sign style we make for the station platforms of East Lancashire Railway Company.

Information on East Lancashire Railway.

The First section of the ELR railway opened in 1841 in Heywood, it was part of the Manchester and Leeds Railway.

The railway is a 12mile line that offers stunning scenery. The seven stations are packed with things to do.

You can hop on and off and explore and enjoy your journey.

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The train station sign makes the ideal gift for any railway enthusiast. You can use in your man cave, garden shed or to make your own model railway look authentic.

Where was the first train station in the UK?

The first train station was in Liverpool, access through a tunnel and opening in 1830. The station name Liverpool Crown Street Railway Station.

What’s the biggest train station in Britain?

The biggest and busiest train station in Britain is Waterloo it has 24 platforms and around 94 million people use it.

Waterloo opened in 1848 by London and Southwestern Railway, the station was originally known as Central Station and had six platforms.

When was Manchester Piccadilly train station opened?

Piccadilly railway station is the main train station in Manchester. Originally name Store Street and opening in 1842. Then renamed in 1847 to Manchester London Road in 1847. In 1960 it was renamed again to Manchester Piccadilly.

Where are the UKs oldest train station sign?

The oldest station sign is at West Runton, it was installed on December 21, 1921. The monarchy was George V. The Prime Minister was David Lloyd George and Britain was recovering from the first world war.

Railway station sign totem.

The standardised train station sign totem designed to display on each regional station in 1948. This was at first produced in small quantities and very few survive today.