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House Signage with that personal touch.

Personalised House Signs in a range of Marble, wood, and carbon fibre Effects printed on acrylic rectangles, circles, and squares. Made in Britain by GJ Plastics.

These acrylic house signs are perfect for the outside of any home. If you’re looking to boost kerb appeal, they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home exterior or be more visible from the street. 

What materials are house signs made from?

The signs we produce in Perspex Acrylic. 

Acrylic is an extremely popular material for outdoor signs; you can see it on every high street. The material is durable, and we only use high quality leading brands.

We then back print with your number and name if required.

The background effect we print to the back face of the acrylic; we offer a variety of marble effect colours, wood effects, and a carbon fibre effect.

You can pick from rectangular, circular, or square shapes.

 How do I install my new signage?

We provide you with two sign support fixings to enable you to attach them to the wall.

Please note we do not supply the raw plug or screw.

Mark the position of the holes on the wall drill and attach the back section of the sign support to the wall.

Attach the house sign by connecting the front screw part.

Sign Sizes.

Round Acrylic house signs are 250mm in diameter.

Rectangle shape signs are 250mm by 150mm.

Square Acrylic signs are 250mm square.

How much do they Cost?

The Acrylic House signage is just one price, whichever shape you buy.

They are of incredible value, only £14.95 each.

Order now and enhance the look of your home with our high-quality acrylic house signs!

Acrylic House Signs in Marble- Wood and Carbon fibre.

Acrylic House Signs in Marble- Wood and Carbon Fibre.