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Be inspired by our Personalised Signs products.

GJ Plastics design team is proud to design a range of Personalised Signsto enhance your home.

Where in the home can we use them?

We design signage all over the house.

Wall art Prints for kitchen, living room, bedroom or home office space.

Acrylic House Sign, we produce square, circle or rectangle shapes.

Party Banner Prints to help you celebrate your special moments.

Wedding Signs and Seating plans.

Garden Signs.

Mancave sign.

Home security Signs, No parking and CCTV wall signs.

Wheelie Bin stickers.

The signs are made in a choice of materials and Sizes.

Fluted polypropylene board, 4mm thick plastic sheet, signs are waterproof and direct printed. These are lightweight, cheap signage.

Foam PVC Sign Board. 5mm thick plastic sheet. The rigid board is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

The material has a class 1 fire rating, and the signs can attach by tape, glue or screws. Fully waterproof and direct print to the character.

Aluminium Composite signs. 3mm thick Rigid Metal faced sign panel with a direct print to the metal face of the signage.

Acrylic house signs. Our house Signs are clear acrylic. We back print with your house number and one of the following backgrounds.

Marble effect. In Red, Green, Blue, Grey or Purple.

Carbon Fibre Effect.

Wood effect. In beach or Oak.

They are provided with two sign support fixings to attach to the wall (please note the screws or raw plugs are not provided).

You can utilise our home decor ideas all over the house, adding a little bling, style and sophistication to any room to make your home feel welcoming and stamp your personality.