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Acrylic Signs.

Here at GJ Plastics, offer a range of  Acrylic Signs, printing to sheets and boards to suit your outdoor sign requirements.

Providing the highest quality acrylic printing services, available in full colour, large format, digitally printed. See our range below that includes:

Perspex board printing.

Acrylic boards in any shape.

Retail shop signs.

Also Acrylic office signs.

Acrylic signs, printed boards provide effective brand promotion.
Attention-grabbing and stunning quality printing onto crystal clear acrylic also known as Perspex.

Offering the perfect solution for outdoor signage and internal office signs or notices.

What is the difference?

Essentially the same, Perspex is a premium brand of acrylic.

Manufactured to the highest of standards, also having a reputation of being one of the best acrylics available on the market.

What can acrylic printing be used for?  

 Door signs.

Be a door sign for your business or home, acrylic signs are a fantastic and unique way of letting customers or friends and family know where you are.

Business signs.

Another good thing about printed acrylic signage is not only can we print text, we can also print your company logo.

So this ensures that customers will be able to find you with ease. Also, they are also a great way to promote your business to passers-by!

Be it within an office block or outside your business premises, another great way of advertising your business whilst also looking professional.

Indoor signs.

A printed sign can be used indoors in a variety of ways.

They can direct customers to your office building, as well as identifying individual departments or rooms.

Outdoor signs.

Benefits to using printed Perspex for outdoor.

They can be used as a sleek, effective and bright way of advertising your business in the simplest form.

If customers see a quality professional sign outside your business, it gets you and your brand noticed as a result, creating more business and so making more profit! 


Acrylic printing of signage is ideal for notices.

Notify your customers or members of the public, for example no smoking outside this building, reserved parking bays etc.,

Printed acrylic signs allow the message to be read clearly.

The sign will be long lasting as they are also very durable.

Office signs.

Printed acrylic signs can be used in various ways throughout an office space.

It may be used to identify individual businesses within an office block; or it can be used to identify specific member of staff individual office space.

These signs can be useful in dismaying any confusion within a building for customers, business partners or visitors to your business.

Acrylic signs have many different uses! Get yours today!

Are you a Trade Customer?

Further discount Prices can be given on printed Foamex, Dibond, Correx and Acrylic Signs.

As well as Roller Banners and PVC Banners for Trade only.

Please see the Trade Prices button for more information.

Printed acrylic signs.

Our printed acrylic signs are made from quality acrylic or Perspex sheet, which is machined on our CNC routers or laser machines.

We use our large format printers, using only top quality UV inks, to create an eye-catching, vibrant printed sign.

All of our manufacturing and printing products are also produced in our UK factory, so you also have peace of mind.

Sign Support Fixings.

Satin sign supports are also included with our printed acrylic signs, so they can stand out from the crowd!

Acrylic Sign Sizes.

Our acrylic signs come in standards sizes of A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.

However, if you have a specific size you require we can certainly accommodate this for you (for an additional cost).

Want a quality printed sign but want to improve your company logo? Never fear our artwork department are here!

For an additional charge (£40 per hour), we can design your logo in a high-resolution print format just to your liking!

Acrylic Signage, Perspex Signs, Office Signs

Acrylic Printing

Perspex Acrylic Sign Printing

Acrylic Signs

Printing Acrylic signs by GJ Plastics

Printing Acrylic signs by GJ Plastics

Benefits from printing Acrylic Signs printed boards.

A business sign is considered a basic necessity for most business to allow them to be recognised by prospective customers.

Acrylic signs are also a simple yet cost effective way of producing signage and further more can also entice clients, so consequently they spend money with you.

The material is used as a another substitute for glass because of its transparency and Smooth surface making it look rather clean and sophisticated.

Material advantages.

The material is lightweight yet durable, highly weather proof and unlike glass is not so easily broken.

Quick to create.

Versatile material so can be used for any design.

Fully recyclable so great for the environment.

Available in A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 sizes. Provided in standard sizes however custom sizes can be produced.

Long lasting quality print thanks to UV inks used in the digital printing process.

Bright and attractive way to advertise.

We are also happy to quote you if you need a custom acrylic sign produced.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you design our signs?

Yes, GJ plastics can design your signage, our team of graphic designers and product design department would be happy to quote you for this.

Or if you just need a little helping hand and advice why not give us a call?

Can you manufacture custom shaped signage?

Yes GJ Plastics Ltd have highly advanced CNC and Laser technology that can cut any shape you may need. 

Why use our printed signage?

GJ Plastics Ltd understands how important the aesthetics, quality and brand awareness.

We not only have experienced and talented graphic designers but also fantastic product designers to assist you in making your vision become a reality.

About GJ Plastics

We are very proud to have won a variety of awards for our training, manufacturing and sign making and have just won a national award for Sign Maker in the UK.

Materials and UV inks we use are the best-branded products to ensure the highest quality levels are maintained.

Finally, our printing machines are also under current service plan agreements, therefore maintaining machinery to the highest level to meet the demand in the large format printing market.