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Newspaper Stands, Displays, Dispensers

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Procrylic 3 Tier Newspaper Stands
£155.40 inc VAT
Polypropylene Ecomi Trays
£9.11 inc VAT
Hi Impact Acrylic Z Counter
£6.00 inc VAT
Foamex Counter Tray
£18.60 inc VAT
Ecomi Trays Foamex
£7.91 inc VAT
Acrylic Newspaper Stands, 4 Tier
£205.86 inc VAT
Acrylic 3 Tier News Stand
£155.94 inc VAT
Acrylic 2 Tier Newspaper Stands
£118.74 inc VAT

Newspaper Stands, free standing displays and Dispensers.

At GJ Plastics Ltd we offer a broad range of newspaper stands and dispensers, made from only the best quality materials by our team of skilled engineers, which we design ourselves and exclusively manufactured In our high tech manufacturing facility in Greater Manchester. We are passionate about delivering you reliable; quality stands at a cost effective price.

We have an outstanding reputation and are highly regarded to be the leading manufacturer of these products, and have been for the news media industry since 1993.

All our newspaper display stands and dispensers start from a concept by one of our product designers. They determine the style and materials to be used in the display while taking into account the daily rigours of the products.

Once product designers are happy with the design, wethen move on to prototyping and testing the display stands or dispensers.
Thorough testing to ensure they can withstand the day to day usage, once completed and they have passed these procedures do we then put them on our site to sell to you.

All products manufactured in our UK factoryallowing us to maintain complete control over production and quality.

Acrylic Stands.

GJ Plastics Ltd has a varied range of acrylic newspaper stands and acrylic counter newspaper dispensers for you to choose.
We have two, three and four tier floor standing displays which have sold throughout the world to many major clients such as Reuters news agency, the USA Army and also into major newspaper publishers and supermarket chains throughout Europe and the UK.

Procrylic Tabloid stands.

The GJ Plastics Procrylic range of newspaper stands made from a meeting of two materials; we use acrylic for the side panels and header for fantastic visibility and polypropylene for the shelves and base. Polypropylene is extremely robust and almost impervious to damage.
If one tier newspaper stands are needed, look no further than out Procrylic Elegance for all you interior usage.
We also have an outdoor one tier called the Elegance Xterior which has a PETG lid to protect your newspapers.


If you need counter newspaper dispensers, we have a variety of styles and materials to fit into your require space or environment.
GJ Plastics Ltd makes dispensers acrylic, polypropylene and Foamex materials and a range of display types are available.

All our products can be branded by us either by direct printing or vinyl stickers in our Printing department in which we have flatbed and roll to roll printers.

Keeping up with current affairs in the United Kingdom and beyond has been normality in life for quite some time. We are social inhabitants and thrive on educating ourselves, stimulating our minds with information and knowledge. Most of us try and learn something new each day, but with busy lifestyles in a restless world, it becomes increasingly difficult to find some down time to do so. So the majority of us source our daily intake of information via newspapers, as they are cheap, lightweight and portable.

There is no denying technology plays a major part in today's market of newspapers, but it cannot replace instant access. Newspapers do not lose connection in tunnels or the underground or have errors and complications, and they are office friendly and show sophistication rather than time wasting to employers, so they are perfect during breaks.