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Magnetic Vehicle Signs

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Magnetic Car Or Van Signs
£36.48 inc VAT

Printed Magnetic Vehicle Signs.

Magnetic signs made by GJ Plastics Ltd are an excellent way to advertise your business. However, they can quickly be removed when you want to use as a personal vehicle.

They allow you to turn your car or van into a mobile advertising board for your brand.

As the name would suggest the signage held in place by magnetic attraction, the entire back of the sign panel is magnetic, the advantage of this over vinyl graphics is that the signs can be reused on other vehicles if required.

Your logo is directly printed with the latest UV stable inks then a clear laminate is adhered to protect the print, this also provides the bonus of extending the fade resistance of your printed signs.

Cleaning your magnetic signs is easy simply a few drops of liquid soap in water, wet a clean, soft cloth and wipe down.

We would advise you to remove your magnetic signage if you are taking the vehicle through a car wash.

It is also a good idea to removethe signs and wash and wax the parts that they cover.

When removing, start on one side of the signage, slowly lifting it away the sign should ideally be stored fixed to a steel surface or at least laid completely flat.You should never roll up your magnetic sign for long periods for it will retain the shape then not stick back on your vehicle correctly.

Never store your signs back to back with each other this can demagnetise the signage.

What are the benefits?

You can build your brand awareness while driving all those miles each year to your customers and around town.

You build trust with your clients because they see you have an identity and company information about what you do and how to contact you.

Your authority and influence and the belief that you are an established company can be increased.

Magnetic signs are a very cost effective solution for your vehicle.

Designing your magnetic sign.

Consider what you are trying to achieve with your design is it to get them to go to your website, call you or inform them of the services you offer.

Make your text or logo stand out you can have your artwork designed by a graphic designer.

All prices we quote are with you supplying artwork. However, we can quote you if you wish to use our design services.

Measuring your vehicle sign.

You should avoid curves, trims and handles, ideally please leave a 25mm gap from these.

Magnetic signs are best on flat surfaces for best results; we would also suggest that you avoid the bonnet due to heat from the engine.

Whatever type of business you may be from a solicitor, builder, estate agent or an event manager you can make an impression and promote your image.