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Perspex acrylic newspaper Display-Stands.

Perspex Acrylic Newspaper display-stands have been designed and made by GJ Plastics since 1993.

Produced in our UK factory using Clear Perspex Acrylic in 8mm and 10mm thicknesses.

The fixtures are also designed and made on our industrial 3D printers to our own unique design.

Offered in three sizes, two-tier, three-tier and four-tier.

Who do you make the newspaper display stands for?

We make the Perspex acrylic newspaper display stands for National Newspaper publications, supermarkets and retail outlets in the UK and Europe.

We have been supplying the USA army with the newspaper display stands. They then distribute them throughout the USA army bases to distribute the Stars and stripes newspaper.


You can for an additional charge brand the stand.

Please note all prices are for the customer sending artwork ready branding and all artwork origination.

Delivery of tabloid newspaper stands.

The Perspex® Acrylic Newspaper Stand two shelf delivered flat packed.

The components connect to each other by our designer brackets and machine screws.