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Perspex-Acrylic Magazine Stand Displays
GJ Plastics Ltd offer a wide range of Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stand Displays.

Attract attention.

These great looking magazine stands and newspaper displays are sure to get your brand noticed and attract attention to your publications.


Made from only the best quality material, Perspex® Acrylic is made in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK.
GJ Plastics.
The finished material delivered to GJ Plastics factory in Bury Manchester, UK.

We then make a wide range of Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stands Displays

Reliability and Price.

Our priority is delivering you reliable quality Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stands at a cost effective price.


GJ Plastics have an outstanding reputation in the media industry having in fact designed and manufactured the first range of Perspex® Acrylic Stands Magazine Newspaper Displays in 1993.


Our design team start with an idea for a product.

We then carry out research asking the following questions:-

what weight does the POS (point of sale) need to hold?

What is the ideal base area to retail space ratio?

How can the stand attract customers to take up the magazines?


From the determinations of the above research, GJ Plastics designers then determine the style and construction of the Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stand Displays


Once the design is approved, we then move onto the next stage which is producing a prototype.


Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stand Displays prototypes are then tested to ensure that they load bear to the required weight.

The base area is checked to ensure not only the balance of the magazine and newspaper stands but also, cost effective use of retail floor space.

Range of Perspex-Acrylic Magazine Stand Displays.

GJ Plastics make the magazine stands in two, three and four tier versions.

We also offer double two tier, double three tier and double four tier in magazine size.


Our magazine stands will fit standard A4 and also American A4 magazines.

Small orders or Bulk orders.

GJ Plastics are happy to make a one off of our Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stands Displays or large bulks orders and are committed to providing the same high standards of customer service, quality and product designs regardless of order size.

How are they delivered?

All our Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stands Displays delivered flat pack.
The aluminium brackets that connect the panels together have been designed by GJ Plastics and machined under licence in the UK.

Easy to assemble only a screwdriver is required.

Sold Worldwide.

GJ Plastics Ltd has a varied range of Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stands Displays

Which have sold throughout the world to many significant clients such as Reuters news agency, the USA Army.

Also into magazine publishers and supermarket chains throughout Europe and the UK.


All our Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Stands Displays are British made using British materials while providing reliability and quality of service.