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Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders.

We have one of the largest ranges of wall mounted leaflet holders in the UK.

Leaflet display kits.

Our quality wall mounting display system kits offer a practical and visually striking method of displaying your brochures and leaflets.

Leaflet holder pockets.

The leaflet holder pockets in our Wall Mount Range can integrate with other sized leaflet products.

They can be mixed and matched allowing you to change or expand system display as the need arises, thus providing specific solutions to you literature.

We have put together a variety of wall mounted leaflet holder kits in A4, A5, Trifold and combinations of the various brochure pockets for you to choose from.

Pick the one you need.

Just pick the one that suits you best.

Easy to assemble and provide a consistent, effective way to display your wall mountable brochures or leaflets.

The versatility of the wall display systems allows you to make great displays for all your promotional literature.

If you do not see a wall mounted system that meets your requirements. Why not give us a call, and we will see if we can make a bespoke kit up for you.

If it is an exterior leaflet holder, you require take a look at our outdoor Leaflet Holder category.

What to look for in a Brochure Display Kit.

When looking for a Leaflet dispenser Kit, To display your promotional materials, try to find one that will present your brochures in the most professional way possible. 

The way you display your leaflets and brochures says a lot about your business image.

If you haphazardly throw your brochures down on a counter or table, you are giving a slapdash impression to potential clients. 

Displaying them neatly in a leaflet holder wall display provides a feeling that you care about your business and your customers.

Provide them easy access to your literature in a neat, efficient manner.

A high quality brochure holder display will ensure you get years of reliable use. Leaflet holders are not expensive.

The price you pay for a dispenser system will depend on a variety of factors. 

Think about how many leaflets or pamphlets you want to display, the type and size of leaflets or do you need a combination of sizes?

Do you want to brand on or above the brochure dispensers?

We offer a huge variety of different styles and sizes to help you get the best system for you.