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Health and Safety Signs

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Showing 1-20 of 213 Products

Health and Safety signs

Health and Safety signs are essential in UK and are covered by various legislation and standards.

You must ensure your signage use standardised safety symbols to ensure they are as simple and easy to read as possible.

There are 5 main types of health and safety sign you will see in the UK.

Danger Signs:

As the name suggests, warning signs give an indication of a potential danger or hazard and that you should take care in that location.

Health and Safety warning signs must have a yellow or amber background with black symbol and text.

Sometimes known as hazard or caution signs, they often feature a triangle with black border and the appropriate symbol and text underneath.

GJ Plastics has a wide range of standard warning signs to choose from. Bespoke signs or your own versions can also be printed on request.

Prohibition Signs:

These health and safety signs prohibit you from doing something, like “No Smoking” or “No Mobile Phones” Prohibition signs are used when a person’s behaviour could or is likely to cause a risk to themselves or to others.

As a general rule prohibit signs have a standard black symbol in a red circle with a diagonal line running through it.

Mandatory Health & Safety Signs:

A very important health and safety sign, mandatory signs mean that you must do something. A good example are PPE signs, such as “Hard Hats Must Be Worn” or “Ear Defenders Must Be Worn in This Area”.

Most mandatory signs are a white symbol on a blue background. You also often find them on construction site signage and builders boards

Fire Safety Health & Safety Signs:

As most people will be aware, all fire safety signs are Red with white text and logos.

These very important signs are widely used in public, such as bars, hotels, restaurants and cinemas.

Fire signs indicate escape routes, location of firefighting equipment and what to do in the event of a fire.

Safety Signs:

These general signs are often first aid signs or emergency exit signage. This safety signage must be of a green background with white text and symbols.

These health and safety signs are ideal for your first aid areas and for creating eye wash stations or even assembly points.

Health and Safety Sign for Eye Wash

GJ Plastics also produce all manner of builder’s board and construction site signage. We can also create bespoke signs, branded with your company logo.

If you can’t find a sign you need then please contact a member of our team as we can print any health and safety sign you require. We also have graphic designers available to create artwork designs to your specification.

Hand Washing & Corona Virus Signs:

We have developed a range of signage specifically to do with hand washing, hygiene and the Covid-19 Corona Virus.

These signs are purposely designed to be placed around your workplace, factory, restaurant or shopping centre.

This signage range has been to developed to stop the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak and help with quarantine and control of movements.