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Foamex Signs and Board Printing.

Foamex board printing offers a range of sizes, from A4 to 8ft by 4ft (2440mm by 1220mm), making it a versatile option for Foamex Signs.

But what if you need an even larger sign?

With Foamex, you can achieve this by tiling the panels together and custom-manufacturing them to fit perfectly.
This edge-to-edge printing allows for minimal gaps, creating a stunning large format display.

One of the reasons to choose Foamex printing for signage is its durability. Foamex boards have a flat surface that can withstand wear and tear.
They are rigid yet lightweight and flexible, making them easy to handle and mount. The ink adhesion on Foamex is excellent, ensuring that the colours of your printed signs will remain vibrant for a long time.

Mounting Foamex signs is a breeze.

Whether you want to attach them to walls or other items, you have various options, such as nails, screws, rivets, tape, or glue. This versatility allows you to choose the best method for your specific needs.

How do you make the Foamex Signs?

When it comes to creating the signs themselves, our state-of-the-art printers use UV stable inks and flatbed printing technology. This allows us to print directly onto Foamex boards, as well as other plastic sheets like Dibond, Acrylic, and Correx. The result is high-quality, professional-looking signage that is sure to catch attention.

Can I have Custom Shapes?

If you require custom shapes for your signs, our flatbed Summa cutter is at your service. It reads printed location marks and precisely cuts the Foamex boards to the required size and shape. This ensures that your signs have a seamless, professional finish that perfectly matches your design.

In conclusion.

Foamex board printing offers a versatile solution for your signage needs. Its durability, excellent ink adhesion, and ease of mounting make it a popular choice.
Whether you need a standard-sized sign or a large format display, Foamex printing can accommodate your requirements. With our state-of-the-art printers and cutting-edge technology, we can deliver high-quality, custom-shaped signs that will make an impact.

Foamex Board Printing by GJ Plastics

Foamex Board Printing by GJ Plastics