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Estate Agent Displays and Estate Agents Signage.

Estate Agent Displays & Signage need to ensure that their window and shop displays are clear, precise and very visible, making them eye catching and drawing potential clients in.

LED Poster Pocket Kits.

GJ Plastics has a very good range of LED light pocket poster kits for your window displays. There are also a good range of sandwich boards and pavement signs to choose from.
We are also one of the country’s leading producers of printed correx boards, so we can offer excellent rates on all of your estate agent for sale and lettings boards.

LED Illuminated Window Poster Pockets

Window displays for an Estate Agent are possibly the most important marketing tool for passers-by. They are the first impression of your business, so it is vital that you look good and show a professional attitude.

Ever evolving market place.

With an ever evolving housing market, ensuring your properties window adverts are up to date, clear, uniformed and professional is key to attracting buyers and sellers.

By utilising LED window poster kits, you can quickly change or update a property when required. Nothing is more frustrating than spotting your dream home, going in to enquire about it, only to be told it’s already sold or let.

Why use window displays?

The whole point of window displays is to attract the passing trade. It is a show case for your best properties, to draw people in. Even if the passer-by is looking at buying or selling in the immediate future, even a browser will mentally make a note of a really good window display and hopefully your estate agent will be the first to visit when the need arises.

How should I set up a window display?

Make sure you have a good selection of your portfolio displayed in your shop window. Use different size LED pocket kits to make them stand out. For example, your standard properties could all be A4 size but have a column of A3 pockets for featured properties or special offers. Have a good selection of properties, high end, mid-range and low end. Haves sales on one side and Lets on the other, with clear demarked headings. Having a really good range of properties, opens you up to everyone’s budget and hopefully gets your more footfall through your door.

Large window spaces.

If you have very large window space then why not use some of the larger LED pocket kits, such as A2 or A1. You can use these larger posters to create a “property of the week” or to showcase the inside of a property with additional high quality images, floor plans and a good description of the property.

It’s also a good idea to show all your opening times and contact details, so a poster with these details is also important. You can even have a QR code on the poster which automatically takes you to your website, which builds an immediate relationship with a potential customer.

LED illuminated poster kits.

LED Window Display Illuminated Kits are the modern way for estate agents to present their portfolio in a neat, tidy and professional manner. Each pocket has extremely bright LEDs running round it, which spreads the light across the pockets surface, making them the ultimate round the clock advertising solution. They are especially good for the darker winter evenings when you are still open. They really make your property portfolio stand out from the crowd, they also illuminate your whole shop front, making it a real focal point on the high street, something which the traditionally cable poster kits cannot do.

LED poster display kits make sure your graphics are illuminated by utilising low energy LED lights. Often mains powered, they are very easy to install and have little to know maintenance required.

What paper can I use in the LED Illuminated Poster Kits?

 There is no reason why you can’t use standard copy paper in the LED poster kits. Most office paper is around 80gsm, it is better to use a 160gsm paper if possible as you will get less shadows and a better print quality. Duratrans are the best medium to use, as photographic images are printed onto a translucent base, giving you very sharp, professional posters. Duratrans are specifically designed to allow just the right amount of light through them to give you the optimum display.

Sandwich Boards, A Boards & Pavement Signs

We have a very large selection of Pavement signs and A Board to choose from. They are a great way of advertising your shop and enticing customers in. You can promote your opening times, special offers, property of the week or even competitions. Estate Agent Displays & Signage

We have “snap frame” type poster A Boards, such as the A Master, which are one of our most popular pavement displays. There is also printed boards such as the Eco flex for permanent messages and displays.

Printed Correx Estate Agent Boards.

GJ Plastics are one of the largest printers of Correx board in the UK. As such, we can offer excellent prices on for sale and lettings boards, Estate Agent Displays & Signage. Each board is printed on 6mm premium correx sheet using the latest in UV print technology. You can have any amount of colours and even photographs on the boards, you don’t need to be limited to 2 or 3 colours.

Our standard printed correx boards are 813mm x 610mm but other bespoke sizes can be printed on request.

We can also print your Sold, Let By etc slips onto 4mm Correx.