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Dump Bins Magazine and Newspaper

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Outdoor A5 static Foamex Dump bin

A5 Static Outdoor Foam Pvc Dump Bin

from £82.95 £99.54 inc VAT
Printed A5 Brochure Bin, A5 Dump Boxes, Magazine Bins

Printed Brochure Dump bins

from £76.95 £92.34 inc VAT
A4 Printed Foamex Dump Bins, Printed Brochure Bins

Printed Foam PVC Magazine Dump-bins

from £75.50 £90.60 inc VAT
Printed Newspaper Dump Bin

Printed Tabloid Newspaper Dump Bins

from £104.95 £125.94 inc VAT
Magazine Dump Bin Foam PVC A4 Size

Foam PVC Magazine Dump bins

from £64.95 £77.94 inc VAT
Newspaper Dump bins in Perspex Acrylic

Newspaper Dump bins made in Perspex-Acrylic

from £134.95 £161.94 inc VAT
Acrylic Magazine Dump bin A5

Perspex Acrylic Magazine Dump-bins-A5

from £93.95 £112.74 inc VAT
Double A4 Foamex Brochure Bin, Dump Bins

Double Magazine Dump Bin

from £121.90 £146.28 inc VAT
Foam PVC Dump bins A5

Foam PVC Brochure Dump-bins-A5

from £57.95 £69.54 inc VAT
spring loaded magazine dump bins

A4 Spring Loaded Foam PVC Dump Bins

from £115.95 £139.14 inc VAT
Double Foam PVC Brochure Dump Bin A5

Double A5-brochure Foam-PVC Dump-Bins

from £115.95 £139.14 inc VAT

Tabloid Polypropylene Newspaper Dump bins

£84.89 £101.87 inc VAT
A5 Correx Dump Bins, Flat Pack Brochure Bins

Correx Brochure Dump-Bins A5

from £21.95 £26.34 inc VAT
A5 Polypropylene Dump Bin

Polypropylene Magazine Dump bins

£89.95 £107.94 inc VAT
Spring loaded newspaper dump bins

Spring Loaded Newspaper Dump Bins

from £128.95 £154.74 inc VAT
Correx Bins, Flat packed Dump Bins

Correx Tabloid Dump bins

from £27.95 £33.54 inc VAT

Perspex® Acrylic Magazine Dump bins

from £99.55 £119.46 inc VAT
A4 Printed Dump Bin, Correx Brochure Bins

Printed A5 Correx Dump bins

from £37.95 £45.54 inc VAT
Correx Dump Bins, Flatpack Brochure Bins

Correx Magazine Dump-Bins A4

from £27.95 £33.54 inc VAT
Printed Correx Dump bin, Flat packed Correx Brochure Bin

Printed Correx Newspaper Dump bins

from £43.95 £52.74 inc VAT
Printed Correx Dump bin, Flat packed Correx Brochure Bin

Printed Correx Magazine Dump bins

from £39.95 £47.94 inc VAT
Static newspaper Dump bin with lid

Static Outdoor Newspaper Dump Bins

from £112.95 £135.54 inc VAT
Static Magazine Dump Bins Outdoor

Static Outdoor Magazine Dump Bins

£104.95 £125.94 inc VAT
Foam PVC Newspaper Dump Bins

Foam PVC Newspaper Dump-Bins

from £79.95 £95.94 inc VAT

Showing 1-24 of 24 Products

Dump Bins magazine newspaper bulk dispensing.

Did you know GJ Plastics designed and manufactured our first dump bins magazine newspaper for bulk dispensing in 1993?

We have made and delivered many thousands throughout the world to newspaper and magazine publishers and event organisers?

Made in Britain by GJ Plastics

Made in Britain
by GJ Plastics.

Design & Manufacture.

We are a leading designer and producer of bulk dispensing dump bins. Our product designers not only ensure that the displays look good but that they will enhance your magazine or newspapers.

Design testing.

When we have designed the dump bin and determined what materials we are going to make it from.
The next stage is producing a prototype and testing it to ensure it performs to our required product standards.

Trial completion.

Once these trials are complete and satisfied with the product, we then and only then sell it to you, our highly valued customer.

All orders are then produced in our UK factory, allowing us to maintain and control quality standards.

Magazine and newspaper dump bins are made of various materials and are the ideal solution for bulk dispensing.

Acrylic Dump Bins.

GJ Plastics Ltd makes acrylic dump bins in A5, A4 and tabloid newspaper sizes.

We use high impact acrylic. This is far more durable and stronger than standard acrylic.

They offer fantastic visibility.

Foamex Dump Bins.

Manufactured in 5mm thick Foamex for durability, they are hugely popular with companies who require a stylish bulk dispenser.

Foamex is class 1 fire rated (BS476: part 7: class 1)

The Foamex magazine and newspaper dump bins, if you choose, can be directly printed with UV stable inks.

This is a stunning way of getting your promotions or image across in the marketplace.

The Tough Bulk dump bins.

Polypropylene magazine, newspaper dump bins are very durable, long lasting and almost impervious to damage.

They can be easily wiped down and branded if required by using vinyl stickers.
These bulk dispensers are probably the toughest on the market.

Correx Dump bin magazine and newspaper sizes.

GJ Plastics have developed a unique load bearing bulk dispensing dump bin in Correx that can be flat packed.

Correx Dump bins.

All our branding produced in our commercial print department.

You can have your branding directly printed with waterproof UV inks.

We believe that these Correx Dump bins are stronger than the 3mm thick foam PVC dispensers sold elsewhere.

We do not consider 3mm Foamex will stand up to the rigours of bulk dispensing.
All our dump bins offer fantastic value, plain or printed or options available for each type.

Sold worldwide.

GJ Plastics dump bins are all designed and produced in the United Kingdom and sold throughout the world.

We created the dump bins for magazines and newspapers manufactured and dispatched worldwide for over 25 years.

Looking after your Dump bins magazine newspaper bulk dispensers.

If treated in the correct manner last for many years,

Indeed we recently visited a major exhibition centre, and in the main foyer, our dump bins were in use.

This particular design was made over 15 years ago, still looked great and filled up with magazines to promote the venue.


A variety of styles and materials, Hi-impact Acrylic, Foamex, Polypropylene, Perspex and PETG.

Outdoor or indoor variants.

Static and spring-loaded, sloping shelves and flat shelf plinths.

Mobile Dump bins with wheels.

Branding on all products can be provided at an additional charge.

We can also custom design a dump bin to suit you.

So if you need any Dump bins magazine, newspaper, bulk dispensers, why not give the original designer of these products a call on 0161 723 1374 and talk to one of our experts in bulk dispensing.