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30cm Square Plinths Retail, designer Acrylic Plinths for Product Display.

30cm square Plinths offer in the following heights 30mm, 50cm, 75cm,1m and 1.2m. this product display offers high load bearing.

Great focal point.

They provide a focal point, and in fact, it has been commented that they are a piece of art themselves.

Providing a point of reference that draw visitors eyes to the artwork or products.

Enhance your Brand.

Display Plinths enhance your brand by creating a structure and impact to any retail, event, home or office.

Designer Displays.

GJ Plastic are proud to have designed and offer you this range of 30cm Square Plinths.

Display Plinths 30cm Square

Display Plinths 30cm Square


We use all our 28 years of experience to bring you designer Displays.

How are they made?

Designed with Solidworks 3D cad, rendered to ensure they look as we wanted.

It is then converted by software to DXF files to send to the production machines.

The modern Plinths made by combining Aluminium and Perspex Acrylic in clear and colours look stunning in any environment.

How do I order?

Click on the category and pick height you want the plinth to be if you wish to have a coloured bottom and top instead of the standard White select Colour Perspex.

How are they supplied?

All products are supplied flat pack and are easy to assembly and keep delivery down.

Can You Collect?

Yes, you can collect from the factory saving delivery charge.

If quality designer 30 cm plinths are what you are looking for these, offer the perfect solution.

GJ Plastics Ltd uses all our 28 years of experience to bring you designer Plinth Displays.

Do you offer other widths?

Yes, offer a variety of 40cm, 50cm and 60cm display Plinths and Pedestals in a range of heights.


Buy with confidence offer.

Other Products.

You may also need display shelving that fits in well with these modern designer Plinths’ style and look.

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