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Acrylic Mirror Display Plinth, Mirror Pedestal for retail and exhibition by GJ Plastics.

Display Plinth in Acrylic Mirror great load bearing mirror pedestal providing creative focal points for retail, exhibitions and home décor.

What are the materials?

We use quality acrylic combine with our exclusive connecting brackets and stainless steel machine screws and nuts to make outstanding high load bearing Display Plinths for retail and exhibitions.

What size are they?

Various size options available to buy online.


The plinth is despatched flat pack for cost effective delivery charges.

You only need a Philips screwdriver to assemble.

What is so special about them?

Added Benefit of the display plinth are if storage space is of a premium you can store flat pack until needed again.

If you some how damage or lose a part be it a side, top or connector bracket, you can order a replacement part, not having to buy a complete new Mirror Display Plinth.

Do you make other sizes?

Yes, we can make to any reasonable size requirements, please call us with specifications, and we will provide a quote.

GJ Plastics Ltd delighted to design and manufacture a display Plinth or Pedestal in acrylic Mirror. the product design and manufacture is in the UK.

Can produce custom Size options if you require? Yes, Please give us a call.

How long have you been selling display products for?

GJ Plastics have thirty years of designing and manufacturing product displays for retail, exhibition, home and office.

We have produced display products for the BBC, ITV, Google, premier league football clubs, supermarkets and other major retail outlets.

Where can you use them?

Acrylic Mirror plinths have many uses; businesses in the retail sector, from florist to galleries, use plinths to create spectacular showcasing.