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Retail Display Plinth, Events, Home and Office.

Display plinth by GJ Plastics, exclusive designer Display Products for Retail Displays. Made in Britain.

The quality Plinths and Pedestals will enhance any location, retail, event, exhibition, home, or office.

Plinths for Retail Display.

Square Display Plinths, we produce them in 30cm, 40cm, 50cm and 60cm square in height sizes from 30cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, and 120cm.

Clear Acrylic for the sides and top.

Display Plinth in Foamex colours.

Foamex display plinth in a range of colours.

The plinth flat packs for easy storage and cost effective distribution.

All parts are replaceable in the event of loss or damage.

Display Plinth Acrylic mirror.

GJ Plastics makes a range of Display Plinth in Acrylic Mirror. They are flat packs. All panels and the top are mirrored Acrylic.

Our exclusive design and UK-made connector brackets combine with Stainless Steel machine screws and nuts.

Mirror Display Plinths are popular in retail, exhibitions and weddings; they are favoured as a side table or display artwork at home.

Display Plinth Acrylic Mirror

Display Plinth Acrylic Mirror.

Retail Display Plinth in Foamex with Printing.

GJ Plastics design and produce a range of Printed Foamex Plinth Displays.

The panels and top are 5mm thick Foamex Board printed with your ready-to-print artwork.

Distributed flat pack easy to assemble.

Display Plinths Foamex Colours

Display Plinths Foamex Colours.

Optional extra.

Do you charge more for printing multiple colours?

No, our flatbed printers digitally print in full colours in UV-resistant ink, so we do not charge per colour, only per print of your artwork.

Artwork Guidelines.

Artwork supplied. Please ensure it is print ready. Please use Hires PDFs and ensure all ink colours are set to CMYK.

Please ensure no RGB colours are specified in the artwork. GJ Plastics cannot be responsible for artwork quality if RGB is used.

Can I have more than one image per order?

Yes, email us all artwork.

Display Shelving for retail, events, home or office.

Modern Shelving produced in Acrylic provides professional display shelving with these oozes style in retail, exhibition events, home environments or any office space.

We have a wide selection of Modern shelving Displays to pick from one-tier, two-tier, three-tier or four-tier in various widths and heights.

About GJ Plastics Ltd.

We use all our 30 years of experience to bring you designer Displays.

How are they made?

Designed with Solidworks 3D cad, rendered to ensure they look as we want.

The software then converts it to DXF files to send to the production machines.


The connector brackets are designed and made exclusively by GJ Plastics Ltd.

We design these and then convert this to interface with the 3D Printers.

The company has a 3D print Department; the connectors are printed in-house and exclusive to GJ Plastics products.

How do you make the Display?

GJ Plastic has state-of-the-art CNC routing machines and flatbed Laser cutters through large Format Flatbed printers with the latest UV inks.

Can you make custom-size Displays?

The answer is Yes, we can.

If you need a custom bespoke product, call us with a brief and see how we can help.

Display plinths allow your products or artwork to stand out for retail, events, exhibitions, home, or offices.

The plinth provides you with endless applications such as photo shoots and displays in studios and museums, and they are ideal to hot spot a new product.