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Aluminium Composite Dibond Signs Printing.

Aluminium board or Dibond Signs are perfect for outdoor or indoor signs; Custom Aluminium Signs give you very effective promotional and informational signage.

Dibond (or Aluminium Composite) is a polyethylene core covered with two aluminium sheets.

It is lightweight, but it is also rigid! Which makes it perfect for signage!

The aluminium board is 3mm thick, very temperature stable, rigid and flat, and provides excellent resistance to impact.

Aluminium board printing options.

We produce Dibond signs in A4 and A3, A2, A1 and A0  sizes.

If you want larger Dibond Printing, we offer 8ft by 4ft (2440mm by 1220mm); however, you can make even bigger signs by tiling the panels.

We offer custom sizes to fit your shop front perfectly!

Dibond Signs by GJ Plastics

Dibond Signs by GJ Plastics

How do we manufacture and print your dibond sign?

The blank dibond plate we manufacture on our state-of-the-art CNC Router Machines is cut to your size and produces a smooth finish.

That dibond sign plate then goes onto one of our flatbed printers, which uses the highest quality UV inks to create customers’ signs.

Your Order Size.

The company are happy to print one-off orders, small batches or large bulk orders; in fact, a large quantity of our Printing is through trade accounts.
We produce printed Dibond signs for well-known brands and regularly deal with marketing companies, freelance graphic designers and print management firms.

What is Aluminium Board, also known as Dibond signs, used for?

Aluminium composite board or Dibond is commonly used for signage because it can withstand weather and temperature changes, lays very flat on the wall, and lasts for up to 4 years/ up to 6 years if laminated.

It has excellent physical resistance; it won’t rust or crack, so it is an excellent alternative to metal signage. Dibond can also be used as directional signs, either internally or externally.

How do we Print Dibond Signs?

Our large format printers use high-quality UV inks to ensure your signage’s best quality! After all, shopfront signage that is eye-catching and high-quality will attract more customers to your business.

Advantages of Dibond Lamination.

To keep your signage looking immaculate for as long as possible, we recommend lamination (which we offer at an additional cost).

You can choose either gloss or matt lamination, which allows your sign to last up to 2 years longer than its already long life span!

This means that once installed, you can relax and not worry about your signage for up to 6 years! Happy days!

Artwork Design.

If you require artwork design, do not fear. Our artwork team are here. For an additional cost (£40 per hour), our artwork team will design excellent quality artwork for your signage.

Proofs are sent throughout the design process, and Printing of your order will not commence until you are 100% satisfied! After all, your signage is an essential part of your business’ brand!

Fitting Signs.

There are many ways of installing Dibond aluminium board signs, including frames and post mounting.

You can fit the signage using mounting channels, clamps, drills, and screws to the wall.

What size Dibond signs can GJ Plastics produce?

Our printers can produce dibond signs in a wide range of sizes from 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft) as one piece.

We can also tile artworks to make up extensive signage displays such as printed hoarding boards.

We can also take your photo or image and print photo-quality aluminium prints available from A4 size to the large prints above.

( subject to your artwork is the correct size).

Aluminium prints make a fantastic focal point for any room.

What is the difference between an Aluminium Board and  Dibond sheet?

The answer to this is none. The aluminium board and Dibond are the same. Dibond is a brand name for Aluminium Composite sheets.

This is also known as ACM boards.

Artwork Guidelines.

When you supply your own artwork, please ensure it is print ready. For example, would you please use Hires PDFs and ensure all ink colours are set to CMYK?

Please ensure no RGB colours are in the artwork. GJ Plastics cannot take responsibility for artwork quality if RGB is used.