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Recycled Acrylic Sheet, Greencast

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Clear Cast
£13.14 inc VAT
Coloured Cast
£14.34 inc VAT
The use of plastic in Western Europe is growing at an estimated 4% each year since its growth into widespread usage in the 20th century,but can take up to 500 years to decompose if not disposed correctly. We are encouraged to do our best within our homes, so why not within our business?
At GJ Plastics, we are proud to be part of the solution. We are delighted to offer the first 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet, called Greencast. Manufactured in Italy, and has been independently verified and tested by German and Italian universities and been in production or the last 2 years. 
Greencast is 100% recycled cast acrylic produced in clear or coloured sheets. If offers the same clarity and performance as standard virgin acrylics, so you’re not comprising on quality, and has the same mechanical and physical properties as standard virgin acrylic. Greencast uses less water and CO2 to manufacture than virgin sheet production, and is VOC and HFC free which complies with ISO 7823.1
Here at GJ Plastics, we also do our part in helping the environment. 
We have successfully been operating a closed loop system for our own plastic waste for the last three years. We’ve done this by preventing our waste being sent to landfills by recycling old stock in to new, as we are firm believers that not only is this a sure way to save on precious resources, but it also contributes to the solution of our waste produce and improving our carbon footprint.
An estimated 275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year here in the UK. That amounts to up to 15 million bottles per day! If people were to recycle not only within their household, but in their businesses too, it would provide a sustainable source of raw materials to industries and consume less energy than it would to produce new virgin polymers and would avoid the consumption of the earth’s oil stocks. (Source:,
So you’re probably thinking; if I buy Greencast, what would happen when I come to dispose of it? Well the answer is in the name! Greencast is a real ‘green’ alternative acrylic solution! Greencast can be recycled successfully again & again without degradation of clarity or quality of the product! It’s important we look after the world we live in by engaging in advocating a green economy by keeping mindful of environmental agendas in any way possible. Every small contribution by you makes a massive difference. Therefore, by opting for the Greencast choice, in some or many options as an alternative to virgin acrylic, you’d be actively involved in the most important cause of all.  ► Greencast® can used for signs, displays, printed media and glued materials. All acrylic components can be recycled back into new sheeting, has the same mechanical and physical properties as standard virgin acrylic. Greencast® is made from 100% recycled acrylic - R-MMA.