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Aluminium composite cut plastic sheet.

Dibond Sheet cut to shape and size, also known as aluminium composite, are two thin sheets of Aluminium either side of a Polyethylene core.

Used in a wide range of applications; they are lightweight but durable the Sheet has an extremely flat surface, perfect for printing high quality graphics or text.

Aluminium composite sheets can be easily cut to size, drilled, glued, screwed and bent.

Dibond sheet are particularly great for trade fairs and exhibition booths.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Typical applications:

Internal and external signs, exhibition Stands, advertising, sign notices, real estate, car parks, service, directional and informational boards, industrial signage, project signs and traffic signs.

With such a wide variety of useful and creative options available, it’s no wonder Dibond board are a favourite for advertising purposes.

At GJ Plastics, we can cut Dibond sheets to any size or shape to suit your chosen application.

If you need any advice regarding Dibond aluminium composite sheeting, give our friendly team a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

Cutting Dibond Board.

Dibond sheet cut in a variety of ways from cutting with table saws and band saws through to machining on a CNC router.

GJ Plastics can Cut your Dibond Sheets accurately to size and shape on one of our commercial CNC Routers.

Within our fully equipped factory we can if required Print direct to your Dibond board please call 0161 723 1374 to discuss your project.

Where do you Deliver?

GJ Plastics deliver your Dibond sheet anywhere in the UK, no project is to large or small, so go on give one of our friendly sales team a call always happy to help.

Cleaning Dibond Board.

The suggested method to clean you Dibond is as follows:-

Step 1. wet the entire surface if outside this can be with an hose pipe to loosen off the dirt.

Step 2. Using a clean, soft cloth clean off the coarse dirt.

Step 3. Use a second clean, soft cloth and mild soapy water.

Step 4. Use a clean, dry micro fibre cloth to gently dry of the Dibond Sheet.