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Correx Sheet made from polypropylene this is extruded, shaped then left to cool.

During the production some additives may be added, giving the finished product additional properties.

What is Correx Sheet?

Extruded, twin walled fluted polypropylene of the highest quality.

Chemically inert with a neutral PH making it non-toxic, resistant to most oils, solvents and water.

Corona treated so can be screen printed or direct printed using UV stable inks.

What are Correx® Sheet uses?

As Correx® Sheet is water resistant, it is ideal for outside as well as inside.

Typical  uses.

Used for printing outdoor signage, such as estate agency sign boards, converted to a wider range or reusable packaging and storage solutions.

Fluted plastic sheet is highly resistant to impact contact and strong winds.

Correx® sheet has increasing become more popular for the use of pet cages and in hobbies such as aeroplane crafting.

Used for various personal purposes, not just professional use.

GJ Plastics Ltd can cut to size your Correx® sheet to any size shape or a particular drawing.

Machine to shape or make point of sale products and even print up to full colour direct to your product or display in UV waterproof inks if required.