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Acrylic Perspex Cut Plastics.

We sell our Cut Plastics Acrylic Perspex sheets in a variety of thicknesses. Perfect solution for your home or commercial premises.

Purchased to any size or shape and machined with holes or cut-outs if required.

Cut Plastics Acrylic Sheet.

Clear Acrylic offers you many use options; you can make displays or models with it.
Protect your artworks, replace windows in sheds or greenhouses or even as secondary glazing for your house.

Perspex acrylic optical quality is an excellent alternative to the standard glass, approximately seventeen times stronger.
Acrylic Sheet is also lighter than glass.

Calculating Price.

Enter your measurements and thickness on our website, and it will work the price out for you.

Sheet Finish.

Acrylic or Perspex sheet has a high gloss surface; the material is ideal for fabrications such as heat bending or forming.

All cut plastics have the manufacturer’s film on to protect them in transit.

Made to your Drawing.

If you wish us to the machine to a drawing, we have CNC routers and laser cutters to allow us to facilitate.
Alternatively, if you have any other special instructions, you can mention them in the additional comments box or send us an email quoting your order number.

Perspex acrylic coloured.

Coloured Acrylic, also known as Perspex, is available in various colours. It can be machined to shape or size needs and is available in two thicknesses, 3mm and 5mm.

Things you can make with coloured Perspex Acrylic.

Coloured Perspex is very popular for shop signs or internally; it looks fantastic when used for splashbacks.

Point of Sale Display products.

Acrylic sheets, either clear or coloured, can be used to produce Point sale displays that can enhance your products and improve your selling potential.

Machined Circles.

We can machine Circles or discs within a tolerance of plus or minus 1mm of the size; just tell us the diameter you require.

Printing to Perspex Acrylic.

If you need a logo, photograph or text printed directly on the acrylic, we have a large format printing department that can facilitate this.


Being one of the UK’s leading display and Printing companies, no job is too small or large, and our product designers and graphic designers are always available for a chat if you require that little bit of help or guidance.
If you would like to talk with us about your purchase or enquiry call us on 0161 723 1374.

How to take care of your cut Acrylic Sheets.

We highly recommend you use either warm water with a few drops of liquid soap or a soft clean cloth.
Or buy Vuplex Polish and a microfibre cloth which offers fantastic results and can be purchased from ourselves.