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Cut Plastic Sheet Materials to Size.

We’re confident in saying that our cut plastic sheet is right for you.

Here are our 5 top reasons why you should choose GJ Plastics for your cut plastic sheeting.

GJ Plastics Ltd has many years of experience in product designing, machining, fabricating displays and direct printing to clients worldwide.

Online calculator for accurate quotes.

Professional, friendly team.

30 years’ experience.

Customer service team on hand to help.

Cost friendly services.

Service and creativity.

GJ Plastics Ltd is creative and passionate about every service we offer.

We always use the latest computer-aided design and rendering software programs to provide the best results.

The fabrication department operates with the latest CNC routers, laser cutters, polishers and heat bending equipment.

The workforce of skilled fabricators ensures your products or cut plastics are made to the highest standards.

Sales and customer service.

Our sales team is always here to help; we aim to offer customer service second to none having many happy returning customers.

Purchase online through World Pay or PayPal for added peace of mind and confidence in our service.

Best Quality materials.

GJ Plastics only use the highest grade of plastic materials and always take that extra effort when packing your order; our relationship with our courier services is excellent.

Please note all cut sizes are cut to a tolerance +/- 1mm of the size.


GJ Plastics are proud to have won awards for manufacturing and engineering and Sign Maker of the year.

The BBC and ITV have used our products and services for props, sets, and educational learning.

We produce displays and signage for major retail businesses, sport and event companies and printed signs for trade use.

If you need more than cut plastic sheeting, our design and manufacturing capabilities are available to you.

Contact GJ Plastics today for your free quote or professional advice.

Cut Plastic Sheet by GJ Plastics.

Cut Plastic Sheet by GJ Plastics.

What Type of Cut Plastic Sheet Does GJ Plastics Sell?

We stock and manufacture a variety of plastic materials for our signage and printing services.

Please see below for our types of cut plastic sheeting.

Perspex Acrylic Sheeting.

Clear Perspex acrylic plastic sheets are optically clear.

Perspex sheeting can be purchased in a range of colours.

This type of sheeting material is flexible and offers great resistance to breakage by being substantially stronger than the glass of an equivalent thickness.

It can be used for windows or viewing panels indoors or in partitions.

Perfect for exhibition or event displays, point of sale products, shop signage, cut letters and numbers, and much more.

Acrylic sheeting can be formed between temperatures of 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which enables you to make the necessary edits or modifications to your sheet.

Clear acrylic products can easily be fabricated and are very effective in withstanding the elements, and it is a very popular material for producing shop signs.

You can saw or cut acrylic with a fine-tooth blade, laser or CNC machine.

Perspex acrylic can be drilled or heat the plastic into a different form or shape.

Bonding Perspex Acrylic.

Perspex acrylic sheeting can be glued together using specialist types of glues to create your chosen design.

Polycarbonate Plastic Sheeting.

Polycarbonate plastic sheeting is a virtually unbreakable and very high impact material, making it an excellent choice for areas that may be exposed to high impacts.

This type of sheeting is very beneficial in outdoor use and is known for being strong and withholding against different weather types.

Fire Rating.

This material is class 1 fire rated and is ideal for: machine guards, signs, safety glazing in buildings, and much more.

If you choose Polycarbonate plastic sheeting for your signage, you can benefit from UV stable inks.

Polycarbonate plastic sheeting can be drilled or machined into shapes using a CNC machine to provide specific sizes and shapes.

Correx Sheet (fluted Polypropylene Boards).

Fluted polypropylene boards, Correx board are very popular for promotions and temporary signage. 

Easy to cut Correx with a Stanley knife or using a machine into shapes.

Correx is lightweight and cost effective and can be directly printed with UV inks.

Correx boards are common usage is Estate agents signs such as ‘For Sale’ signs and outdoor signage.

Dibond Sheet.

Aluminium composite sheeting, Dibond sheets are rigid board perfect for outdoor use.

It can be machined to a specific size and shape.

You can drill holes in the sheet or cut it to make trays for signage purposes.

The material can be printed for outdoor signage or even photographs for indoor promotions or artwork.

Dibond sheets are hugely popular in the sign trade for retail signs and are among our most common types of cut plastic sheets.

Foamex Sheets.

Also known as foam PVC sheeting, a Foamex sheet can be machined and fabricated to the required size and shape.

Easy to drill and made into point of sale products and signage.

The material can have print applied in various methods such as direct print or screen printing or even applying vinyl graphics.

Great for products such as artwork, photograph boards, and many more.

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