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Correx Sign Printing

At GJ Plastics, we offer a range of Correx Signs, printing to sheets & boards to suit your outdoor sign requirements. It is a great temporary signage solution and very lightweight to install.

We provide the highest quality Correx printing services, available in full colour, large format print.

Correx Signs 8ft By 4ft.

See our printed Correx range below, which includes:

Do you have a sign you need to make?

You’re in luck: GJ Plastics offers a range of Correx Signs printed to sheets & boards to suit your outdoor sign requirements. It’s an excellent solution for temporary signage and very lightweight to install.

Printing for cost-effective promotions.

Attention-grabbing and offering stunning quality printing, Correx provides the perfect outdoor and internal promotions solution to get your company’s branding noticed.

Benefits from Correx signs.

There are many benefits to using Correx for your signs and advertising boards; here are just a few:

  • It is lightweight.
  • Waterproof.
  • Far more durable than corrugated fibreboard.
  • Quick to create.
  • Low cost.
  • It is a versatile material that can be used for any design.
  • Fully recyclable, so great for the environment.
  • Corrugated plastic sheets are durable and will not tear.

Correx Signs sizes.

Available in A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and 8ft by 4ft sizes. It is provided in standard sizes; however, custom sizes are available.

Long-lasting quality print thanks to UV inks used in the digital printing process.

A bright and attractive way to advertise your company, property and more.

Corona treated to keep the print long-lasting.

Available in 4mm standard thickness and 6mm for an additional cost.

Using Correx Signs for advertising.

Using Correx for your advertising signs could be the best decision you have ever made! They will save you money in the long run, increasing your return on investment overall as they are very durable and easy to move around if needed.

Communicate your desired message brightly and attractively.

Withstanding most weather conditions, from harsh sunlight to winter storms, thanks to the plastic’s corrugated nature and the print methods used to create each design.

Correx ® board suppliers.

Proud suppliers of Correx ® boards, sheets and signs.

Having produced these for many clients and customers and having a happy customer base.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Correx signs printing services. We can help you no matter what your requirements are.

If you are unsure what type of signboard you need, call us today.

Our team can speak with you about our options and determine the best Correx option for your advertising needs.

Correx ® is a widely used signage material, providing a low-cost advertising promotional product.

Sheets options.

Printed signboards can be produced in any shape, offering the perfect solution for letting boards, construction industry signage, life-size characters, people standees, lamp post signage, or even printing placards.

Printing on signage panels effectively and efficiently promotes events, festivals, or other temporary signage needs.

So, why not cause a stir and get noticed with our excellent, cost-effective Correx printed panels?

How do you print the Correx boards?

The board is directly printed using UV stable inks on one of our flatbed printers, which is also capable of direct printing, not just Correx but a variety of plastic sheets, such as Dibond, Acrylic and Foamex sheets.

If cutting to the size or shape of your Correx signs is required, we transfer it to our flatbed Summa cutter, which reads printed location marks and machines to the required size and shape.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you offer a design service for signs?

Yes, GJ Plastics can happily quote you to design your signage; we have a team of graphic designers and a product design department to do this, or if it is just advice, you need to call us. We are always happy to help.

Can you have both sides of the Correx board printed?

Yes, click on the tab on the product for pricing, or if it’s a custom shape, please get in touch with us for a quotation.

What colours of Correx boards do you have?

The standard material used by us is usually white, then we can print up to full colour directly to the sheet; this is by far the most cost-effective method.

However, we can print on coloured boards in black, blue, green, red and yellow; this would incur additional charges for the coloured materials.

Why buy your Correx signs from us?

GJ Plastics Ltd understands the aesthetics and importance of quality and brand awareness.

We have experienced and talented graphic designers and fantastic product designers to assist you in making your Correx advertising vision a reality.

We produce printed Correx boards and Correx ® product displays for many major blue-chip companies throughout the UK and worldwide.

Tips for Correx Board printing.

You can be printed with any design or colour scheme to Correx Board; however, to make your sign stand out from the rest, it is suggested that you use a high-contrast design with high-impact colour combinations.

The UV ink we use to print the signs is fade and scratch-resistant, so you can get as creative as you like with your colour combinations!


What is the biggest size my printed board can be?

The printed board can be as big as you wish; there are no restrictions. However, printed boards are supplied to a maximum sheet size of 8x4ft (2440 by 1220mm); any Correx printing orders bigger than this will be split into sections.

How thick is your Correx board?

Printed Correx board come in 4mm and 6mm thickness.

Can I use a Correx sign outdoors?

Correx signs are printed using weatherproof inks and are suitable for outdoor use.

Can you cut the Correx sign into different shapes?

Quite simply, Yes!

You should provide cut paths with your artwork file for our cutter.

The desired shape and artwork must also be suitable for cutting out of Correx.

We will always advise if not.

Why use Correx for signs?

Correx is an excellent choice for temporary signs or signage campaigns where you have a low budget spend. In addition, it is highly popular for cheap outdoor printed signs.