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Clear Acrylic sheet cut to size

Clear Cut Plastics to shape and size requirements. GJ Plastics Ltd offers a Clear Acrylic sheet cut to size, the high quality multi-purpose clear plastic sheeting produced from clear as-glass... Read more

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From: £23.10 sq m

Total Area (sq m)
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Please specify hole diameter and position in the additional information box. (if you do not specify then the holes will be put in at 4mm diameter, 15mm hole centres)


Round Corners

25mm radius unless you specify

Additional Information

Add any notes – i.e position of holes, custom corner radius etc.

From: £23.10 sq m


Clear Cut Plastics to shape and size requirements.

GJ Plastics Ltd offers a Clear Acrylic sheet cut to size, the high quality multi-purpose clear plastic sheeting produced from clear as-glass Perspex Acrylic.

Perspex plastic sheet provides exceptional light transmission higher than standard glass.

Clear acrylic is hard-wearing and weather-resistant and has a high gloss surface.

The impact resistance is ten times stronger than a glass of the equivalent thickness, making it the ideal alternative to glass in commercial products, displays and DIY projects.

An extruded sheet is made by extruding the resin on a production line.

This method provides a uniform thickness and an excellent surface finish.

Sheet Details.

We offer clear Acrylic sheets cut to size in thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Perspex is of the highest quality; our cut plastics can meet your size requirements.

GJ Plastics can, if you wish, directly print on the clear panels for commercial projects.

Ordering Cut Plastics Acrylic sheet.

Select the material thickness, put your panel size into our cut plastics calculator,

Let us know if you require any holes in the sheet or radius on corners; if so, how many do you want?

Please tell us how many you want this size, and the calculator will do the rest.

It is a superb substitute for glass in a variety of applications.


The clear sheet is used for many things, from secondary glazing or greenhouse windows to printed acrylic signs or advertising media.

Point of sale displays, cases for models or designer acrylic furniture.

What are the materials used?

GJ Plastics can produce, fabricate, and print shapes directly to acrylic or Perspex.

The material is ideal for shed windows, secondary glazing panels or tabletop protectors.

Acrylic is trendy for displaying point-of-sale products and retail signage.

Businesses use Acrylic for shelving, Plinths, and wall corner protectors, making Acrylic Perspex a versatile, aesthetically pleasing material for any project.

GJ Plastics is happy to quote you for any plastic fabrication work or Printing if you require this service.

Equipped with all the latest laser, CNC machining and Flatbed printing equipment to produce high quality products.

What thicknesses do you sell, and what is the square metre price?

Thickness                    Square Metre Price

2mm                                       £23.10

3mm                                       £36.40

4mm                                       £47.43

5mm                                       £53.41

8mm                                       £92.40

10mm                                     £115.30

You can CNC route acrylic sheet or laser cut perspex.

What is the minimum quantity you can buy?

No job is too small or large for us, and our entire team, from product designers to fabricators and print technicians, is highly qualified.

If it is only the cut panel, fill out the quote calculator to get the price.

You can send us a drawing if you wish us to machine your panels to a shape or call us on 0161 723 1374 if you want us to quote you for product design and manufacture.

GJ Plastics Ltd delivers within our standard delivery charges anywhere in the mainland UK.

If you are in Europe or elsewhere, we will require delivery details to quote you.

Please note all Clear Perspex Acrylic sheeting machining is to a size tolerance of +/- 2mm of the size.

Other Perspex Acrylic Uses.

Boat Windows, Artwork Covers, Sneeze Screens or guards, Playhouse windows, Bathrooms and Kitchen splashbacks.

Clear Acrylic sheet cut to size GJ Plastics

Clear Acrylic Sheet cut to size. Laser Cut Perspex panel by GJ Plastics.

Additional information

Weight 17 kg

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm