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Which Rigid Sign Material?

Sign Materials for Acrylic printing, Dibond sign Printing and Printed Correx signs come in all shapes and sizes but which one should I go for and what are the benefits? This article will go through some of the most popular signage materials and guide you through the benefits and most popular uses.

Correx Boards:

Also known as Corriboard or fluted polypropylene, it is an ideal sign material for durable yet extremely cost effective indoor or outdoor signs. Its fluted properties give a slight ribbed appearance in the print when viewed from very close up. It is widely used as Estate agent boards but also for temporary event signage. Printed Correx boards are available in a range of standard sizes; you can choose A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 and even 8ft x 4ft. Corriboard is often available in custom sizes and even shapes as well. Most Correx signage is printed on UV flatbed printers which produce high quality, UV Fade Resistant prints.

 Correx boards are:-

  • UV resistant
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Offer Fast turnaround
  • Cost-effective – ideal for volume orders
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Printed Correx Signs Can be customised to any shape, size or design.
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Short to medium term use

Correx boards are typically available in 4mm and 6mm thickness, although other thicknesses are usually available on request. Some of the most popular uses for Printed Correx Signs are events signs, temporary road signage, estate agent boards, directional signage, construction boards and security signs.

Which Rigid Sign Material? GJ Plastics

Correx printing, Corriboard signage

Foamex Signs:

Foamex or the more general term, foam PVC is hard, rigid plastic, ideal for signage. It is also known via several brand names such as Palight, Forex or Foamalite. Most foam PVC signs are manufactured in 3mm or 5mm thickness, however thicker material such as 10mm or 19mm is often available. Being relatively lightweight, weatherproof and very smooth, Foamex makes an ideal printing substrate. Foam PVC is not a squishy foam sheet; it is a hard, rigid material, making it durable. It can also be drilled and cut to shape. Foamex is often used for shop signage, retail POS displays, Exhibition Panels, Flat cut letters, internal and external signboards.

Foamex Boards are:-

UV resistant.



Come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Can be custom machine to any shape, size or design.


Moderately durable.

Suitable for interior & exterior use.

Which Rigid Sign Material? GJ Plastics

Printed Foam PVC Boards, Foamex Printing

Aluminium Composite Boards (Dibond):

Aluminium composite, also widely known by the most popular brand name Dibond is a hard and rigid substrate, perfect or permanent signage solutions. It consists of two very thin aluminium sheets, stuck on either side of a polyethylene core, this makes it fully weather-resistant, and it will also never rust.

Dibond creates really high quality signage, whilst being more expensive than Correx or Foamex; it will also last for many years and is perfect for long term use. Almost all aluminium composite sheet comes in 3mm thickness.

Can cut, drill and shape; it can also be groove and fold into sign trays or boxes. Some of the most popular uses for aluminium Dibond sheet is shop fascia signs, exhibition panels, directional and road signs, sign trays and cladding.

Dibond Sheet is:-



High corrosion resistance.

Ideal for long-term displays.

UV resistant.

Medium weight for easy installation.


Custom shape, size or design.

High durability – suitable for interior or exterior signage.

Which Rigid Sign Material? GJ Plastics

Printed Dibond Signs, Aluminium Composite Signage

Clear Acrylic Signage:-

Acrylic a clear thermoplastic which had a very similar appearance to glass. It has good strength, stiffness and optical clarity. Seen as a great alternative to glass as it is lighter, stronger, safer and more cost effective. It is less than half the weight of glass and can be up to 8 times as strong. Acrylic sheet, often known as Perspex, which is the premium brand available. Acrylic sheet machine routing, laser-cut drilled and cut to shape. You can direct reverse print, making luxury office or reception signs. Popular uses are also as exhibition displays, Retail POS, Lightboxes, Name Plates and Office Signage.

Acrylic Signs are:-

UV resistant.


Rigid Material.

Economical alternative to glass.

Variety of widths.

Customised to any shape, size or design.


Which Rigid Sign Material? GJ Plastics

Perspex Printed Signs, Acrylic Signage

I hope the above gives you some pointer at to what material to choose when looking for your perfect sign. Why not pop over to GJ Plastics Ltd to view their huge range of printed signs.


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