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What is Correx?

How often do you see for sale or rent signs on houses? If you do, then whether you realise it or not, you are looking at Correx signs. Correx advertising boards are a trading name for printing on corrugated plastic.

Correx board printing is so popular that it is not only rigid (ideal for displaying outside) but is also incredibly lightweight too, which is the ideal combination for its use. Not only this, but Correx board printing is environmentally friendly compared to some other options too; this is because polypropylene which is a key material, can be easily recycled.

How can you use Correx?

As we have already covered, the most common use for Correx boards is for estate agent advertising, and this is a great use for it, especially when you consider the fact that it is light-weight, rigid and very weatherproof.

However, whilst Correx can be displayed in the short-term and withstand things such as rain. It is not quite as strong as other materials that you can print on. The plastic flutes that make up the board’s corrugated nature will either go long ways or short ways along the edge, and it means that a Correx board can be prone to bending or losing shape whilst in strong winds.  Substrates such as Foamex or Dibond are often used for medium to long term sign projects.

Correx is that it has a great colour reproduction level. This is ideal when you want to print on it and ensure that it stands out for the right reasons. It is also a material that can be made to a custom shape, which is ideal if you want to make something different for your display.


It is important to remember that Correx is much better when you have it is a short-term option for your advertising plans. Whilst it may not be strong and as rigid as other materials out there, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it. Correx is a cheaper option compared to other materials out there that you can choose to print on.

The main thing to remember about Correx is that there are plenty of positives in choosing it for your advertising needs. For a short period of time, it can prove to be incredibly useful. It can create a bold, bright and colourful sign that will ensure that your brand gets noticed. Ensuring whatever you are trying to promote is seen.

Thinking about investing in Correx Boards for your business? You are going to want to make sure that you choose the best quality printed Correx signs possible. That way, you can be sure that it is going to stand the test of time. Becoming a useful addition to your promotion and the success of your business too.

No matter what message you are trying to share or whose attention you are trying to get.


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