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What are roller banners and why should we use them?

Roller banners are a freestanding printed graphic which rolls inside an aluminium mechanism, which is spring loaded. This makes them very easy to store and to transport to your events. They are also often known as pop up banners, pull up banners or roll up banners.

Using banners at trade shows and promotional events helps raise the public awareness of your product, services or helps to reinforce your brand. Once you arrive at your venue you can have your marketing message ready in a matter of minutes. Simply take your roller banner out of its handy carry bag, erect the bungee pole and place into the slot, then just pull your graphic panel up and attach to the top of the pole. Your high resolution graphic is now ready for all to see.

What are roller banners and why should we use them? GJ Plastics

800mm Grasshopper Roller Banner

Aren’t pop up banners are bit old fashioned?

No! They are still as popular, if not more popular than they have ever been. The quality of the mechanism has vastly improved. This coupled with modern day print technology makes pull up banners the number one choice for many marketers. Most banners are now printed on high quality anti-curl polyester material. This material is often grey backed, which ensure light is blocked making your graphic even more vibrant. Years ago roller banners had to be printed lithographically, with modern digital presses you get a far more cost effective, higher resolution and fade resistant display.

Are they sturdy enough?

A lot of retractable banners have twist out feet, you will find even the most budget of banners come with this feature. High end premium versions, like the Barracuda Roller Banner, don’t usually have feet but a heavy weight and wide base, making them extremely stable.

It looks like all this new technology will be expensive?

Not any more, they have never been cheaper. Find the right company and you will not only be impressed with the range of sizes and quality but they also won’t break the bank.

Most printers will offer a range of roller banner stands from budget economy banners for one off or minimal use all the way up to a premium version, which can be used regularly over a sustained period of time. Don’t forget to ask if the mechanism comes with a guarantee, it won’t cover the print but it will cover you if anything goes wrong with any of the mechanical parts. Prices can start from around £29.99 and can go up to several hundred pounds, it just depends on the make and model you go for.

I live in the middle of know where, can I get hold of them easily?

One of the best features of banner stands is as they are retractable they shrink down to a very neat size. They are also relatively light weight, making them ideal to send out via the next day courier network. So whether you live in London or Aberdeen, Manchester or Penzance, Roller banners can be delivered anywhere in the UK or Beyond for a very reasonable price.

They look tricky to create a design for!

Most reputable printers can provide artwork templates for you to design onto, this ensure that you create the artwork correctly. It is also worth checking the printer’s website for their artwork requirements, so you can check how they would like the file to be provided.

Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw are probably the best software packages to use to create your design. These software’s have all the tools for making attractive designs to really stand out from the crowd.

Not got the time, patience or skills to create your own design, then fear not, a lot of printers have their own in house graphic design studio. All you do is supply them with a brief of what you are trying to achieve, give them a copy of your logo and images if required and a colour scheme you would like to use and let them do the rest.

There are some really great designers out there who can take your imagery to the next level. Prices do vary, but for a good graphic designer, you would typically expect to pay around £40.00 per hour. A lot of roller banners can usually be designed within the hour, more complex design could be 2-3 hours work. Proofs of the designs will be sent over for you to check. Make sure you check you are fully happy with it and that there are no typos, as once you approve the design, you will be liable if there is a mistake and you require a reprint.

Do Roller Banners take ages to arrive?

With modern digital print technology, printing presses have never been so quick. Therefore, once your artwork has been signed off, delivery lead time is usually only around a week. If you need your banner in a rush most printers will offer an express service, whereby they can turn your banners round in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Are they difficult to put together?

Not at all! You can erect a pull up banner in a couple of minutes. Just follow these 6 simple steps:-

  • Take all the parts and components out of the handy carry case
  • Twist out the feet to 90 degrees from the base
  • The pole comes in 3 connected sections, simply slot this together.
  • Place the end of the pole through the hole in the base.
  • Make sure the pole is sitting right at the bottom of the base, this ensures the roller banner is nice and stable.
  • Standing behind the banner gently pull upwards extending the printed panel. Now stand behind the display, gently pull upwards, extending the printed graphic. Place the hole in the banner rail into the top of the banner pole. You can tilt the stand back a little if you are struggling to reach. Ensure you don’t drop the graphic or it will retract extremely quickly and can damage the print and/or the mechanism.
What are roller banners and why should we use them? GJ Plastics

Roll Up Banner Mechanism

What are roller banners and why should we use them? GJ Plastics

Pull Up Banner Pole

What are roller banners and why should we use them? GJ Plastics

Pop Up Banner Carry Bag

In conclusion, roller banners are still a very important tool in any marketer’s arsenal. GJ Plastics offer a wide range of roller banners on their website to suit any budget and taste. Why not browse the website then give one of the team a call or email and turn your banner ideas into reality.