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Type of outdoor sign?

What type of outdoor sign do I need? Having the correct signage is very important, whether for your business premises, advertising an event, or even health and safety. When looking on the internet, you will find all manner of outdoor signage from a couple of pounds all the way up to thousands, so how do I work out what the best signage is for me?

When buying outdoor signage, you need to ask yourself the following questions:-

What size do I need?

How long does it need to last?

What budget do I have?

Where is the sign going to be located?

All the above factors should be considered when buying an outdoor sign. The following breakdown gives you the pros and cons of various materials.

Correx Signs:

Choosing correx for your signage needs is certainly kind on your wallet as they are the most cost effective solution. Correx signs are great for short to medium term use and are ideal to advertise your event or promotion. They are strong and lightweight and can easily by cable tied to lamppost or railings. Correx is fluted, similar to corrugated cardboard, but in plastic, to bend on the flutes with heavy use.

Type of outdoor sign? GJ Plastics

Printed Correx Sign

Foamex Signs:

Foam Pvc or Foamex is material for medium-term use and is mid-range on the price scale. Despite its name, it is not a squishy foam but a solid, rigid plastic. It has a very smooth surface, so you get an excellent print. Foamex Signs can also be easily drilled and screwed, making installation very easy.

Type of outdoor sign? GJ Plastics

Printed Foamex Sign

Aluminium Composite or Dibond Signs:

Aluminium composite, often known by its brand name Dibond, is a premium material that carries a premium price tag. As such, it is the most expensive signage material of the three. Dibond signs are ideal for long term use making a great outdoor sign; the print can also be laminated, making them longer lasting. Popular uses for aluminium composite signs are shop fronts, permanent car park signage and post signs.

Type of outdoor sign? GJ Plastics

Printed Dibond Signs by GJ Plastics


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