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Top 5 uses for Printed Correx Boards

Correx or fluted polypropylene has never been more popular for short to medium term signage use. It is lightweight and very durable, making it a far better choice than a card or laminated paper. There are many different uses for printed correx signs; here are the top 5 in no particular order:-

1) Estate Agent Signage

Nearly all For Sale boards are printed onto correx, as it is cheap, weatherproof and durable. There are 2 main types of estate agent board. The flag style is usually printed onto 6mm fluted board, which is then attached to the post on one of the short edges. The other option is a “T”  style board; these are often 2 x 4mm pieces of printed correx, which is glued or welded along the short edges to create a pocket, which in turn, allows a post to past up through the middle of the boards. In the past, estate agents were stuck with just screen printed boards to only have certain colours. However, with modern digital print, the number of colours and even photographs are not a problem.

Top 5 uses for Printed Correx Boards GJ Plastics

Printed Estate Agent Signs

2) Construction Sign Boards

All construction sites need to have the relevant health and safety board in place at the site entrance. These signs often need to last for a few months or a year at most, so the correx board is the perfect substrate for the job. All on-site rules, PPE equipment needed, and potential hazards can all clearly be marked at the site entrance. Printed Corrugated signs are fully waterproof and can easily be cable tied or screwed into place.

Top 5 uses for Printed Correx Boards GJ Plastics

Safety Signage

3) Directional Signage

If you are organising a running, cycling, triathlon or tough mudder, you need to tell the participants where to go. Using printed correx boards as wayfaring signage is ideal. They are cheap, weatherproof and very easy to cable tie in place. You can then go round and cut them all down, store and then use them at the next event. You can also use printed correx boards as warning signs, notifying locals of events or possible road closures.

Top 5 uses for Printed Correx Boards GJ Plastics

Directional Printed Correx

4) Trade Signs

If you are a builder, scaffolder or roofer and are proud of your work, tell passers-by about your recent work. Printed Correx boards are an ideal way of advertising your company. They can be fixed to scaffolding or a simple board outside the property you are working on.

Top 5 uses for Printed Correx Boards GJ Plastics

Trade Signage

5) Festival and Event Signage

With most festivals and events only being a couple of days at the most, correx is probably the most common substrate you will come across. The event organisers go-to material is cheap and weatherproof, so it is ideal for temporary use. With often thousands of people in attendance, people need to know where the toilets are or even the beer tents! Using correx keeps the cost down but ensures guests can be direct around the site. Bar menus are often printed onto correx as prices and brands often change from one event to the next, so having good looking yet cost effective menus is a must.

Top 5 uses for Printed Correx Boards GJ Plastics

Festival Signage

As you can see from these 5 examples, printed correx boards are very versatile. They are also cost effective, lightweight and weatherproof. Corrugated plastic signs can be made as small as A5 size all the way up to A0 and even 8ft x 4ft. Large format digital print now allows for full colour and even photographs to be used. So if you are planning an event or festival or own estate agents, then why not give correx a try on your next marketing campaign.

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