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Top 10 Ways to Use Printed Posters

Printed Posters are one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your business, product or service. Posters can be used in all manner of settings from shops to train stations and supermarkets to airports. Maximising your visual impact is one of the best marketing strategies available.

Create a Brand

With the dawn of TV advertising and later the internet, building a brand has never been more important. Put you logo and your social media contacts on all your printed posters, this will help grow your brand by constantly keeping your logo in front of your customers and clients.

Excite and Entice

Have a brand new product or service or a great special offer? Then use posters to create some excitement and entice them into your store or business. Getting your customer to take a closer look and through your front door will almost certainly lead to additional sales. A well placed A1 poster came really maximise sales for very little outgoings.

Give information

Ok, so not the most glamorous point, but posters certainly give information to your customers and clients. Make sure you use bold take and don’t make it too wordy. Even if it is a directional message or instruction, having a bespoke poster made looks professional, rather a sheet of A4 you ran off your own printer and plastered up with a bit of sticky tape. Don’t forget to include your logo and social media handles; keep building the brand.

Top 10 Ways to Use Printed Posters GJ Plastics

Printed Paper Sales Posters

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Most exhibitions and trade shows only last a few days, so posters are very cost effective, as they can be placed in the paper recycling after the event. Large poster printing can be the way forward as you can have superb full graphics which will look great for a few days and will really help to get your message across.

Make sure everyone is on board

Large format posters as part of a marketing strategy are hugely important, make sure everyone knows your brand guidelines, so everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Don’t allow plain posters to be printed and put up, they don’t have your brand and don’t look professional.

Try to find different or unique places to put your posters up

Try and get your posters up in high traffic areas. Do deals with other local businesses, the more exposure you can get, the better. Try and think out of the box and place posters in places that are not just the norm. Making a controversial or funny poster campaign can also really boost your profile and brand, if you are really lucky it could also go viral. Just make sure you don’t sail too close to the wind as it could end up having the opposite effect.

Put posters up at your own premises

People often neglect to use posters on their own premises. Having posters up in your reception or foyer are a great marketing opportunity. They can also be used a directional or informational signage.

Advertise your event

Posters are one of the best ways of letting people know about your upcoming events. Whether it’s a charity race night or your Christmas party, what better way to let your employees, customers or clients know.

Top 10 Ways to Use Printed Posters GJ Plastics

Snap Frames for Printed Posters

Advertise your social media

Make sure you add your social media handles to all your posters, as this is great for online and offline marketing. Social media is becoming ever more important as an online market place.

Posters are green

Printed paper posters can be placed in the normal paper recycling, so you can be assured that it isn’t going into landfill.

Most suppliers of large format posters use FSC approved paper and often use already recycled paper, so printed paper posters are considered as a very green option, compared to other printed mediums.

Hopefully the above information gives you some good ideas on how to use large format printed posters. GJ Plastics Ltd produce all manner of bespoke and standard size paper posters, why not visit the website today and order yours.


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