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Shop signs and Internal signs for Bury Hospice

New Signs For the Hospice.
Bury Hospice asked us if we would design and install the signage in the new hospice.
Our design team had discussions with the chief executive of the hospice to understand the requirements needed.
The new hospice consists of 12 bedrooms compared to the five in the old building.
Other facilities are visitor’s rooms for relatives to stay, a family dining area and a quiet room for reflection.
Outstanding care is provided from the new in patient day care department, the hospice also has provision for an out patients department and provide at home support.
It was decided that the internal signs needed to provide information and navigation required a modern fresh look that would be in keeping with the building, so direct printed acrylic signs,
with the hospice logo on was produced and located, to make it easy to navigate to any room or department in the hospice.
All the outdoor signs from the aluminium printed sign boards to the post signage, were developed to incorporate the logo and style from the internal signs.
The new Centre has already been put forward for an award from Bury Council as best community building project.

Reception Sign

GJ Plastics then moved onto designing and installing the shop signs for the four outlets and the warehouse located around the six towns of Bury to be in keeping with the
new identity of the hospice. The cost of this project was heavily supported by GJ Plastics.
Graham Croston managing director stated “we are very proud to support such a worthy project which will serve the people in the six towns of Bury for many years to come”.

hospice sign 1


Direct Printed Wall Art for Bury Hospice

Direct Printed Wall Art

Local Ainsworth artist Robert Cox had produced sketches of a donor board wall art for the new Bury Hospice.

Not knowing how to turn the sketches into digital format or how to produce the wall art he set up a meeting with Graham Croston of GJ Plastics Ltd.

The artwork was digitised with the kind assistance of Mr Mike Wilkinson and scaled up to 7 metres wide by 2.2 metres tall.

The design featured the brand new hospice bird logo and six ribbons, each ribbon representing one of the six towns of Bury, each of the six towns of Bury are individual in their own way but all the people have the same hopes, aspirations, and human spirit that drives them forwards. Robert stated “The vision is ‘dynamic’, the bird is a free spirit and the continuity of the flowing ribbons made of hearts reflects the continuity of the spirit of those who have gone before”.
The Acrylic hearts reflect the love that our loved ones leave behind and take with them.

The bird and ribbons Direct Printed Wall Art was produced in large sections to make up the length on our large format printers. The printed ribbon design is populated with around 4000 acrylic hearts, each with the name of the donor printed on, each heart is then individually placed onto the printed panels to depict the dynamic flow of the ribbons.

After discussions with Jacqui Comber we chose to make the donation name hearts in 6 shades of coloured acrylic, the unique shades of the acrylic required it to be brought in from the manufacturers in Italy.

The printed panels were then installed in location at the new hospice.

To manufacture the acrylic hearts, we opted for a new  method of direct printing then laser cutting the hearts, a special mounting adhesive was then applied so they could be mounted onto the printed boards this gave the art work a stunning jeweled 3D effect.

Graham Croston stated “It was a privilege to be involved in this project and to work with Jacqui and Robert. We have produced a stunning piece of artwork that is a one of a kind showing the importance of the six towns of Bury, working together, but also paying tribute to the many that have contributed to bringing this new hospice to life and helping with the up keep of the hospice”.

GJ Plastics are proud to support this worthy cause and ask all companies in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce if they too could find it in their hearts to make a donation to the hospice, they need to raise three million pounds a year to keep this vital caring hospice open.