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Worlds first Birdvertising, Acrylic Sign, Nature will Thank You.

Nature will Thank You, Birdvertising Acrylic Sign, designed and manufactured by GJ Plastics Ltd.

GJ Plastics Ltd were approached by Brave a major advertising agency in London to see if we could come up with an innovative sign for one of their high profile clients.

The Brief was to create an acrylic sign that was at one with nature. After several telephone conferences with Brave, a more emotive approach was opted for thus creating the world’s first ‘birdvertising’ acrylic sign billboard, providing nature with the platform to thank everyone who chooses the brand.

Producing the Acrylic Sign.

We designed the birdvertising acrylic sign board utilising our 3D Solidworks CAD package, which not only allowed us to design all components, but to render them to photographic quality, we even worked out the exact amount of seed required, so the client could see and understand the concept.

The Birdvertising acrylic sign was produced in 6 mm high impact acrylic all parts were machined on our CNC routers, the back panels were then direct printed on our HP FB500 large format printer using the latest UV inks.

The component parts were fitted together in our fabrication department by our highly skilled workforce.

The sign 4.5 metres long by 1.5 metres tall was then delivered to Luton and with the aid of our technical advisory team was fitted to a large billboard. The sign was then filled with 40 kilo of bird seed.

A video of the sign was taken and submitted to Cannes film festival



Correx boards, acrylic signs and banners for Bury FC

Bury Football club approached GJ Plastics to become their official sign and branding partner.

The first project we undertook was the complete revamp of all the acrylic signs; we designed and direct printed the signs, the acrylic cut to size and shape on one of our lasers.

The acrylic signs were then installed in all areas such as, the director’s suite and the 1885 hospitality lounge right the way through to the players area, referee rooms, medical areas and the offices.

We were then tasked with the design and installation of the signage around the pitch.

Whilst designing the correx signs, we ensured that we worked closely with each relevant sponsor, ensuring each correx board reflected accurately the sponsors image and brand.

Mesh outdoor banners were also designed for various sponsors, these varied in size from twenty six foot by twenty foot all the way up to an impressive forty foot by twenty foot. GJ Plastics understood the importance of working closely with both the club and the sponsor. We even designed the specially manufactured steel fitting posts, which were required for the installation of the outdoor banners.

The Ratio Law Stand.

When Manchester Company Ratio Law became the West Stand sponsors, Bury FC asked GJ Plastics to produce a 56m sign for the top of the stand. This was then expertly installed onto the stand.

The decision was made that aluminium composite signage would be the most appropriate material for this outdoor sign. Making the signs relatively lightweight, strong and durable.

The sign panels were direct printed using our large format flatbed printer. The sections were then installed onto the top of the stand, approximately 24m off the ground, with the aid of a cherry picker.

Commercial Manager Jonathan Parkinson said:  ”I am delighted to be able to welcome GJ Plastics to the growing list of businesses that have become part our business revolution.  Graham and his team have worked extremely hard in a short space of time and I’m certain we will enjoy a long and mutually successful relationship”.

Shop signs and Internal signs for Bury Hospice

New Signs For the Hospice.
Bury Hospice asked us if we would design and install the signage in the new hospice.
Our design team had discussions with the chief executive of the hospice to understand the requirements needed.
The new hospice consists of 12 bedrooms compared to the five in the old building.
Other facilities are visitor’s rooms for relatives to stay, a family dining area and a quiet room for reflection.
Outstanding care is provided from the new in patient day care department, the hospice also has provision for an out patients department and provide at home support.
It was decided that the internal signs needed to provide information and navigation required a modern fresh look that would be in keeping with the building, so direct printed acrylic signs,
with the hospice logo on was produced and located, to make it easy to navigate to any room or department in the hospice.
All the outdoor signs from the aluminium printed sign boards to the post signage, were developed to incorporate the logo and style from the internal signs.
The new Centre has already been put forward for an award from Bury Council as best community building project.

Reception Sign

GJ Plastics then moved onto designing and installing the shop signs for the four outlets and the warehouse located around the six towns of Bury to be in keeping with the
new identity of the hospice. The cost of this project was heavily supported by GJ Plastics.
Graham Croston managing director stated “we are very proud to support such a worthy project which will serve the people in the six towns of Bury for many years to come”.

hospice sign 1