leaflet holders promote your sales

Printed media still has a vital role to play in promoting and informing the customer of your products or offerings.
Therefore, it is important that your brochures or literature is displayed correctly and the uptake is maximised.
Leaflet holders, be they wall mounted, freestanding or desktop variety could, make that important difference between someone reading your message or you gaining a sale.

Remember presentation is important, simply placing a pile of loose leaflets on your counter, not only looks untidy but the visual impact is very poor.
Placing them in a leaflet holder enhances your professional image, the literature not only stands up correctly but encourage people to take one.

The best type of leaflet holders offer virtually full height of the literature in them beware, on dispensers that are only two thirds height, your literature will have the tendency to flop over, looking disordered.

A tip to get the best out of your promotional literature is if you have wall mounted leaflet holders you should periodically change the position of the various leaflets, this ensures their impact will not diminish and continue to draw attention to your products or services.

Free standing revolving leaflet stands are great for displaying a variety of leaflets not only can you display your leaflets in specific areas this is known has hot spotting, movement with the aid of the leaflet holder spinners is introduced into your display.