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Large Format Printing Vinyl.

Large format printing is a vast array of different types of printing far too large to explain over one article, so we are going to break it down into seven sections with a report for each section.

These are Vinyl, Foamex, Correx, Dibond, Acrylic Printing, Banners and Roller Banners.


Vinyl is PVC (poly vinyl chloride).

It is a robust and durable plastic resistant to moisture and humidity, used for printing signage.


Two types can be purchased; these are calendered or cast.

What is the difference?

The critical difference is in the manufacturing process and the plasticisers used.

Calendered is usually cheaper with Cast being considered the premium product.

Calandered is excellent for most flat sided applications and has a lifespan of between two and five years and is the main vinyl for sign makers.

Cast Vinyl offers excellent dimensional stability and highly recommended for cars or boats having a life span of between five and twelve years.

Advantages of Calandered.

Vinyl performs well on flat surfaces.

Thicker vinyl for better handling.

Modern Calendered Vinyl is available in a wide range of colours.

Low shrinkage on the high quality calandered vinyl.

Greater production yields.

Lower cost than cast.

Suitable for most client’s jobs.

Advantages of Cast.

More Durable.

Maintain colour better.

Perfect for contours and curves.

Longest lifespan.

Ideal for cars and boats.

Self Adhesive.

Self adhesive vinyl is a flexible, versatile material that can be used to produce signs and logos for business or personalised stickers.

It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor graphics for advertising.

You can also use it to decorate walls and windows.

Self-adhesive vinyl printed with UV or latex inks with any design and up to full colour images.

These can be cut to shape on a cutting plotter by following a pre designed cut file.

Vinyl stickers or shapes can stick to most flat and curved surfaces

Self-adhesive vinyl is available in white and clear.

Common type of uses.

Wall Graphics.

Floor Graphics.

Company logos.

Self adhesive stickers.

Insperational quotes.

Cartoon Images for childrens rooms.

Educational posters such as multiplication tables or alphabet.

Window Graphics.

Large Format Printing Vinyl. GJ Plastics

Window Graphics

Can be used for promoting, privacy or for decoration.

Types of materials for producing window graphics.

Clear Vinyl requires back printing so you can display through the window.
It will allow visibility and let light through.

White has a solid white backing and is an effective method of covering a surface or creating privacy.

Perforated one way vision window graphic.

Large Format Printing Vinyl. GJ Plastics

Perforated one way vision.

Allows you to see through the graphic while offering privacy by preventing people seeing in through the graphic.

Indoor and Outdoor Signs.

Can be used for signs indoor or outdoor.

Vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity.

It can be cut to shape and size and applied to a variety of backing boards such as Correx foamex, acrylic or Dibond.

Vehicle Graphics.

Vehicle graphics is where cast comes into its own.

You can apply cut letters or stickers or a full wrap.

They can transform your car or vans appearance.

Well, that’s it for vinyl keep a look out for our next section on Foamex printing.

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