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Large Format Printing – Foamex.

Section 2, Everything you need to know about Foamex.

Large format printing, What can Foamex be used for?

Foamex is a high quality, extremely versatile Foam PVC sheet; it can easily be fabricated.

The material is easy to heat bend, cut, drill and glue and UV and Latex inks adhere well to the surface.

Foamex sheet is produced by the foam PVC being when compressed to create a strong board.

This material is rigid and hard wearing, extremely lightweight and perfect for display purposes or Foamex Signs.

The substrate is weatherproof and unaffected by changes in temperature to be used for outdoor signage.

Large format Printing works exceptionally well on Foamex, providing you with a professional finish of high quality.

A variety of methods for attaching Foamex such as screws or bolts, Velcro or double sided tape.

Available in a choice of colours, it can be used in the home to cover unsightly walls and uneven surfaces.

What can Foamex be used for?

Foamex is great for producing Signs, exhibition display panels and even display products such as suggestion boxes, magazine dump bins and product counter displays.

Digitally printed to customise to your brand or event.

High quality, visually pleasing results can be achieved with Foamex.

You can print and cut to shape for hanging signs or wall signage or produce information plaques for an office.

Now you know a few of the things you can produce with foamex why not? Let your creativity run wild GJ Plastics always happy to help you.

Popular uses for Foamex.

Foamex Printing.

Point of sale Signs.

Exhibition panels.


Brochure displays.

Hanging Signage.

Suggestion Boxes.

Museum signage and displays.

Indoor Signs.

Wall graphics.

These are just a few applications for Foamex many more are available so get your imagination working I am sure you could come up with other uses.

Large Format Printing - Foamex. GJ Plastics

Printed Foamex Boards

Large Format Printing - Foamex. GJ Plastics

Foamex Circle

Large Format Printing - Foamex. GJ Plastics

Foamex Brochure Dump Bin

Is Foamex fire retardant?

Foamex sheet, class 1 fire rated offering a high fire resistance.


Can it be recycled?

Foamex board, easily recycled so when it comes to the time you can no longer use your product, you can be safe in the knowledge that you can send it for recycling.

Foamex sheet thickness.

Popular thicknesses 3, 5 and 10mm; however, 19mm is also available.

Machined and printed by GJ Plastics who would be happy to quote you.


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