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Giant Charity Cheques

Giant Charity Cheques

When you think of charity giveaways or prize awards in a competition, then chances are that you think of giant printed cheques. These over sized bank cheques are a key part of the “show” of these events and whilst they don’t have any monetary value, these novelty cheques are still a great memento of the occasion.

The question that many people end up asking is where these large sized cheques come from? Well, if you want to know more about jumbo cheques, then here is some information that you may want to know! Giant Charity Cheques are ideal for your social media outlets.

How do they help?

One of the best things about Giant Charity Cheques is that they are a low cost way to bring about more awareness and publicity for whatever cause you are trying to raise money for. They are able to create a visual impact and will then, in turn, receive plenty of attention.

This is particularly true if you are going to be using the cheque as a photo opportunity. Any charity knows that you need to get as much exposure for your charity, whilst spending as little money as possible.

When you have the images taken, you can then post them onto whatever social media channels you like. Encouraging people to then make a donation to your cause.


Giant Charity Cheques, Can they be customised?

The great thing about these large cheques is that they can be personalised. This means that you can then have them ready to present to the media and kick start your campaign.

That said, some charities also ask for their cheques to be left blank. This allows them to add another aspect into the presentation. By having it signed whilst the pictures or videos are being taken. You can even ask for the cheque to be laminated. This means that you can have it filled out and signed in a dry wipe pen. Which can then be wiped off and the cheque can be used again in the future.

This saves you money and means that you have made a great investment into the future of your charity.

Another level of customisation of your Giant Charity Cheques is that you can add to the sign by choosing your material. You can pick either rollable PVC, which means that you can roll up the cheque and transport it easily. Or, if you want the more rigid, traditional approach, then you can choose Foamex board, which is rigid and strong.

These are the go to for many as they often have the right impact when it comes to photos. Whilst they are harder to move around and store, this is a minimal hassle.

So, if you are looking for Foamex cheques, for any reason, then why not get in touch with us? We are experts in producing these great items and can make sure that your cheque looks amazing and is printed to the highest standard too.

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