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Buyer’s Guide to Leaflet Holders

Leaflet Holders are a very simple, yet very effective and neat way of presenting your latest offers, sales or promotions.

A variety of desk top and wall mounted leaflet holders to suit a variety of brochure and leaflet sizes.

No matter what industry you are in, it is always worth having printed information as a way to communicate to your customers and clients.

If you are after a leaflet dispenser for a waiting room, reception desk, customer till point or even outdoors, there will be a literature holder that meets your needs.

Why do I need a Leaflet Dispenser?

Nothing looks worse than a stack of leaflets sprawled on a reception desk or waiting room table, it doesn’t look professional or indeed inviting for your customers and clients. Making a good, lasting impression with your printed media, shows you are professional and mean business. Utilising plastics leaflet holders, whether they are desktop or wall mounted makes your flyers and leaflets look neat and can even create a very inviting display.

Having all your printed brochures, flyer and leaflets in one place creates a focal point to ensure your customers and prospective clients take away important messages.

Should a customer request a printed copy of your literature, you have it to hand or can direct them to it, rather than having to fumble around trying to find a ragged copy you had at the bottom of a drawer.

What style of Leaflet Holders are available?

Desktop leaflet holder:

Table top or desktop literature holders are one of the most popular plastic leaflet dispensers. If you just have a small number of flyers to present then a neat desktop holder is a great way of displaying your printed leaflet. Desktop leaflet dispensers are normally moulded in material such as Perspex Acrylic or even High Impact Styrene.

This makes than durable as well as good value.

Bespoke Perspex leaflet holders can often be fabricated to order, right here in the UK.

Buyer’s Guide to Leaflet Holders GJ Plastics

A5 Desktop Leaflet Holder

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders:

This type of literature dispenser is ideal for reception areas and waiting rooms.

You can actually create very attractive leaflet displays by using wall mounted leaflet dispenser kits.

These kits are usually made up of an aluminium wall bar and high impact styrene leaflet pockets that clip to each other and form one display.

You can get relatively small wall mounted leaflet dispenser kits all the way up to huge kit.

Most wall leaflet displays cater for standard size leaflets such as A4, A5 and Trifold (DL or Third A4).

Buyer’s Guide to Leaflet Holders GJ Plastics

Wall Mounted Leaflet Display

Free Standing Leaflet Holders:

There are a number of options in this category, from leaflet carousels, to brochure trolleys and even more substantial Perspex leaflet display stands. Leaflet carousels are widely used in foyers and reception waiting rooms, you can display multiple leaflets in a neat freestanding display, which also turns. It is ideal to be placed in a corner, some customers can spin each tier and select which leaflet or flyer is most relevant to them.

Brochure leaflet trolleys are very popular brochure stand for the NHS or Libraries, as they have wheels so can be move from one room to the next. They also hold a lot of printed literature, so you can ensure you have the correct leaflets for all your clients, customers or patients.

Finally, Perspex brochure stands are ideal for smart office receptions and foyers. These tier acrylic stands are a perfect way of ensuring your clients leave with the latest copy of your glossy brochure or price list.

Outdoor Leaflet Holders:

Yes, you can even get outdoor brochure dispensers. They are ideal for leaving outside your premises so they can carry on advertising for you long after you have left for the day. Outdoor leaflet holders are usually injection moulded in Perspex or Styrene making them cost effective, yet durable. A5 leaflet holder is usually the most popular size.

Buyer’s Guide to Leaflet Holders GJ Plastics

Trifold Outdoor Leaflet Dispenser

Where should I display leaflets?

The most popular places for leaflets and brochures are receptions and waiting rooms when people are waiting and looking for something to do. Having your printed offering lined up in leaflet dispensers is a great way of engaging your customers or prospective clients with your latest product or service.

Leaflet holders are also ideal hot spotted around tills, desks, entrances and exits, ensuring your customers can take away your latest price list or promotion. They are already interested in your company as they are on your premises, so make sure they leave with something in hand.

What are the most common sizes of leaflets?

The 3 most popular sizes for leaflets or flyers are A4, A5 and Trifold (also known as DL or Third A4), less popular sizes are A6 and A7. Bespoke size of leaflet are also sometime produced, which often means that you need to purchase bespoke size leaflet holders that usually will come at a premium price.

How do I look after my leaflet holders?

Most of our leaflet and brochure dispensers are manufactured in either high impact acrylic Perspex or styrene, so they are made to last in even the busiest of settings. To clean your leaflet holders, just use a same cloth and a bit of warm soapy water. Avoid using any strong cleaning chemicals or alcohol as this can cause the acrylic to crack. A micro fibre or cotton cloth is best to use, as this stops your holder from being scratched.

Helpful Hints and Top Tips:

  • Keep your holders well stocked at all times. There is nothing worse than a leaflet display with very few leaflets in it.
  • Try “hot spotting” your leaflet holders around to measure the take up and work out the best place for them to receive a permanent home.
  • Add your corporate branding to the leaflet holders, this helps build your brand but can also stop rival companies from using your dispensers!
  • Try and stick to standard size leaflets, bespoke leaflet sizes can make them stand out but it can also be costly to have bespoke holder manufactured for them
  • Keep them up to date, having last year’s price list still floating about isn’t helpful for you or your customer.

GJ Plastics offers one of the largest range of leaflet holders in the UK with many products available for next day delivery. Why not pop over to the GJ Plastics website and check out the full range on offer and don’t forget, fully bespoke options are also available.



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