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Display Merchandiser

Using Acrylic Perspex Display Merchandiser that attract your customers to your product. They effectively promote slow-moving items or a sale or highlight new product launches.

It is essential to take your time and plan the display. Then, consider what you are trying to achieve, and set yourself a sensible budget.

You may even want to sketch your display on paper giving you a plan. But, just like other retailing aspects, creating good presentations is a skill that takes time to learn well.

As your products change so will your display opportunities the more practice you have the better you become. Do not overlook keeping your Acrylic Perspex Display Merchandiser, sales counters and retail signs in good condition, broken, damaged or dirty fixtures reflect poorly on your image, business and sales.

Acrylic Display Cube is versatile and ideal for displaying various products. With a selection of different sized cubes, create custom-designed displays that get your products noticed.

Acrylic display cubes show off figurines or add a base; you can hold sports memorabilia such as footballs, cricket balls, rugby balls, boxing gloves, and many more uses.

They are great for displaying products such as jewellery, cosmetics, sunglasses, ribbons, pens, pencils, and many more products.

Display Merchandiser GJ Plastics

Perspex Display cubes

Display Merchandiser GJ Plastics

acrylic plinth pedestals

Display Merchandiser GJ Plastics

Slatwall Acrylic Displays

Custom sizes.

GJ Plastics Ltd is happy to quote you for bespoke designs of your acrylic cubes.


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