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Menu and information holders

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Every small aspect of presentation and professionalism is required at all times in the process of helping your business flourish. When you own and run a take away, restaurant or cafe,you want to show your establishment in its best light, and you want to show your customers you are hygienic and safe. This can be proven by tidy tables, washed floors and clean cutlery, so why shouldn't your menus be clean and presentable also?

Holders are seen as a point of sale system, or POS for short, which can be used to promote or advertise. Menus promote a non-intrusive form of advertising, letting your customer feel comfortable and at ease with their own pace without feeling pressured. The holder makes it that much more user friendly and presentable, keeping your menus clear and damage free without creases or marks.

Made from hi-impact acrylic which is 3 times stronger than regular acrylic, GJ Plastics menu holders are nontoxic, high quality and cost effective.The product will arrive fully assembled, so all you need to do it place your menu inside the display and it's ready to use.

The holders are also ideal for displaying your latest offers and promotions.

We manufacturer them at our own manufacturing facility in the UK, bespoke sizes can be made to order upon request.