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Acrylic Sneeze Guards, Covid Social-Distancing

Showing 1-24 of 24 Products

Showing 1-24 of 24 Products

Acrylic Sneeze Guards, Covid Social-Distancing.

GJ Plastics designs and manufacture Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Covid Social distancing products, such as Covid-19 Roller Banners.

The company, in business for twenty-nine years, adapting quickly to market requirements.

Therefore, due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s high demands, we reacted speedily to design, manufacture our Covid Acrylic Sneeze Guards.

Made in Britain by GJ Plastics

Made in Britain
by GJ Plastics.

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guards.

Acrylic Sneeze guards, provide part of the protection you need to help reduce Coronavirus spread and offer a protective barrier to block airborne particles.

Connector fixings.

The connector fixings have been designed with 3D Solid works cad software by ourselves.

We then use Solid works Visualise to render so we can check the detail, before creating a file with our 3D printing software for our commercial 3D printers.

3D Printing.

The connector fixings are then exclusively printed on one of our seven GJ Plastics 3D printers.

Country of origin.

The sneeze guards are made in our factory in the UK, we make three sizes to choose from.

Sneeze Screens made in Acrylic Perspex.

Sneeze Screens in Acrylic offer hygiene protection against Covid-19, providing an effective solution with size choices.

The standard Slot size is 400mm in width x 125mm in height. However, we can make custom sizes.

Counter Sneeze Guards.

We offer them in a range of panel sizes.

It is manufactured in 5mm Acrylic with Aluminium, with stanchions to fix to counter, desk or reception area.

You receive tw0 Aluminium Stanchions and the Acrylic Sneeze Guard Panel of your choice.

Corner Counter Sneeze Screens.

We produce sneeze screens in a variety of size options.

It is manufactured in 5mm Acrylic with Aluminium posts to fix to counter, desk or reception area.

It consists of three Aluminium posts and 2 Acrylic Sneeze Guard panels of your size choice.

Our acrylic Sneeze Guards and screens to help with the battle against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Safety Barrier.

These screens provide a safety barrier between employees and customers.

These sneeze guards and the rest of the products help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and provide a barrier to block airborne particles.

Floor Graphics – self Distancing.

Highlight the importance of social distancing with floor stickers and graphics.

Show all your staff and customers you are committed to their well-being by encouraging customers to stay a safe distance apart with instructional floor graphics.

Health Advice Covid -19 Roller banners.

GJ Plastics Ltd Covid -19 roller banners offer an effective method of communicating vital coronavirus health advice.

Where can they be used?

Utilise Covid-19 roller banners can keep your customers informed of restrictions and regulations, opening hours, and messages and instructions to keep them safe.

Can be used in hospitals and retail outlet.

Coronavirus Prevention Control PVC Banners.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Control Outdoor PVC Banners. Ideal for Schools, Businesses & Hospitals to get your message across loud and clear.

All Covid-19 Outdoor Printed Banners can if you wish to be custom printed to your requirements.

Social distancing Stickers.

We offer a variety of social distancing stickers.

Coronavirus self-distance signs and notices

Coronavirus self-distance signs and notices are directly printed onto Correx, Foamex, Aluminium Composite.

Please send us your artwork, decide on your material; we will do the rest.

Hand Wash Covid -19 signs.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) signs are vital for health and safety. Pick from Vinyl sticker, Dibond, Foamex or Correx printing.

Where are they made?

The screens and guards are made here in the UK so can be dispatched quickly. You can add your logo or create bespoke Signs if you wish.

Would you mind calling a team member for further information?

Custom Sizes.

GJ Plastics can make our sneeze guards or social distancing signage to your specification requirements.

If that is what you want, please call for a custom quotation.

We offer a wide range of product displays should you need them.