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Printed Acrylic Signs

GJ Plastics can produce the highest quality  Acrylic signs that can be customised. We provide high quality printing services for Acrylic and Perspex sheets and boards to suit your sign requirements. Acrylic Signs can also be printed in full colour using our large format digital printers.

Cut to Shape.

Our signs can be cut into any shape, ideal for Retail shop signs or Acrylic office signs. Get in touch with us to help us design your perfect signage solution.

Effective brand marketing.

Acrylic signs provide an effective method of brand promotion as they deliver a modern transparent look that can be backlit to make it stand out. Attention-grabbing and stunning quality, we can print a range of Acrylic colours or even onto crystal clear acrylic, also known as Perspex.

What is the difference between Perspex and Acrylic?

Perspex and acrylic are essentially the same material. Perspex is a premium brand of acrylic made to the highest of standards, also having a worldwide reputation of being one of the highest quality acrylics available on the market.

Acrylic Door signs.

A door sign for your business or home, acrylic signs are a fantastic and unique way of letting customers, friends, and family know where you are. Acrylic signs can be easily mounted using glue, so they are perfect for office doors showing occupant names or job roles.

Outdoor signs.

Due to its waterproof and hard-wearing nature, Acrylic is great for outdoor use, and our ink has a very strong bond to the surface… It can also be backlit, giving an amazing, vibrant sign that lasts for years. They offer a stylish, practical and bright way of advertising your business in the simplest form.

UV ink printing for Acrylic.

Our large format printers, using only top-quality UV inks, create an eye-catching, vibrant printed sign and a strong bond to the Acrylic they are printed too. Our manufacturing and printing products are made to measure in our UK factory, providing peace of mind.

Sign Support Fixings.

Satin sign supports are also included with our printed acrylic signs so that they can stand out from the crowd!

Sign Sizes.

Signs come in standard sizes of A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.

Bespoke Printing.

Our Acrylic Signs are fully customisable. Whether you need a sleek design for your corporate office or a vibrant display for your retail store, we can make it happen.

GJ Plastics, where we believe in turning your sign ideas into reality. Today, we bring you a revolutionary product that will grab your attention and make a lasting impression – the Acrylic Sign!

Designing your artwork.

For an additional charge (£40 per hour), we can design your logo in a high-resolution print format just to your liking!

Acrylic Signs by GJ Plastics

Acrylic Signs by GJ Plastics

Clear Acrylic Sign Printing

Clear Acrylic Sign Printing

Acrylic Sign Printer at GJ Plastics

Sign Printer at GJ Plastics

Material advantages.

Acrylic is lightweight yet durable, highly weatherproof and, unlike glass, is not so easily broken, making it an ideal signage surface.

So, whether you’re a business owner needing an eye-catching storefront sign, an event planner looking to make a lasting impression, or an individual wanting to add a touch of elegance to your home décor, choose the Acrylic Sign from GJ Plastics. Contact us today, and let us help you make a lasting impression!”

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can you design our signs?

Yes, the GJ plastics graphic designers would be happy to quote you for this, and we won’t print anything until you are happy with the design and proof. If you need a little helping hand and advice, why not call our team on 0161 723 1374? 

Why choose GJ Plastics for sign printing?

GJ Plastics Ltd understands how essential aesthetics, quality and brand awareness are. We have experienced and talented graphic designers and fantastic product designers to assist you in making your vision a reality.

Do you charge more for printing multiple colours?

No, our flatbed printers digitally print in entire colours in UV-resistant ink, so we do not charge only per printed board with your artwork per colour.

What do I need to provide for you to create my Acrylic sign?

Please ensure your artwork is print ready. Please use high-resolution vector graphics or PDFs and ensure all ink colours are  CMYK. Ensure no RGB colours are in the artwork. Unfortunately, GJ Plastics cannot take responsibility for artwork quality, but it will always contact you if your image quality doesn’t produce a great result.

Can I have more than one image per order?

Yes, email us all artwork if you’re ordering more than one Acrylic Sign of the same size.

What is the difference between Perspex and Acrylic?

Perspex and acrylic are essentially the same material. Perspex is a premium brand of acrylic made to the highest standards, with a worldwide reputation for being one of the highest-quality acrylics available on the market.

Can you manufacture custom-shaped Acrylic signs?

Absolutely! At GJ Plastics, we have highly advanced CNC and Laser technology that can cut Acrylic signs into any shape you require. Whether you need unique logos, intricate designs, or creative shapes, we can accommodate your needs with precision and accuracy.

Why choose Acrylic for my business signs?

Acrylic provides an effective method of brand promotion, delivering a modern, transparent look that can be backlit to make it stand out. These signs are attention-grabbing and of stunning quality. At GJ Plastics, we can print Acrylic signs in full colour using our large digital printers, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching displays.

Can you design and print Acrylic signs with my company logo?

Absolutely! At GJ Plastics, we offer complete customization options for Acrylic signs. Our skilled graphic designers can incorporate your company logo, text, and other artwork into the design to create a professional and attractive signage solution.

Are Acrylic signs suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, Acrylic signs are a fantastic option for both indoor and outdoor use. They are durable and weatherproof, and their smooth surface provides a clean and sophisticated look. They can effectively promote your business and attract potential customers when used outdoors.