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Custom Certificate Frames.

Introducing our Custom Certificate Poster Frame  – the perfect way to display posters, certificates, or photographs in a modern style. These frames are made from a high-quality clear acrylic front panel and a white acrylic back panel. The four corners on each panel have a 15mm radius.

Custom Certificate Poster Frame.

Custom Certificate Poster Frame.

Whilst we offer a range of standard colours for the border printing, if you provide the CMYK colour code, we can print to that (c25/m17/y20/k0. This is a shade of grey).

If you supply logo artwork and the name of the person or business, we can print on the frame at the same price.

My Team Certificate Photo frame.

GJ Plastics Ltd.’s graphics design team offers a range of acrylic photo frames explicitly themed for your hobby or celebrations; we offer the following.

Certificate Photo frame themes.

My Football, My Karate, My Judo, My Boxing, My Swimming, My Marathon, My Cycling, My Dancing, My Graduation, My Diploma, My Christening, My Baby, My Wedding Day, My Retirement.

You can add your name, date, and club name within the border at no extra charge.


My graduation-certificate frame.

The thin profile and minimalist design will enhance the certificate’s or photograph’s beauty and profile. The perspex frames not only look stunning but protect your certificate or photo.

My football Frame Red

My football Frame is in Red.

What Sizes do you produce?

We offer a choice of 3 sizes A5, A4 and A3. Each size has an additional border of 30mm all around.

Replacing or Changing your Certificate.

The frame has been designed from two pieces of acrylic that sandwich your certificate, holding it securely in place. Loosen the wall-mounted standoff caps, remove the acrylic front piece, and replace your certificate.

Four Satin Chrome Sign Supports are included.

What are some suggested uses for the frame?

 The frame is suitable for various applications, including personal achievements, school certificate displays, restaurant food hygiene certificate frames, business certificate frames, business accreditation frames, advertising frames, poster displays, health and safety certificate frames, photos, or even inspiring mottos or poems.

How much are the A5?

Thank you for your enquiry! The pricing for A5 size custom certificate frames is £12.75 each. Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

What does the A4 cost?

We appreciate you reaching out to us! We can confidently offer A4 size custom certificate frames for £16.90 per piece. If you have any more queries or if there is anything else I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Love the A3 size; what is the price?

If you need any further assistance or clarification regarding the A3 custom certificate frames, please do not hesitate to let me know. Each frame costs £23.75, and I would happily help you with any questions.

All prices are Exclusive of Delivery and VAT.