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Perspex Acrylic Plinths and their uses

Perspex Acrylic Plinths and their uses. Acrylic Plinths, Perspex Plinths, Perspex Pedestals, Display Plinths, When it comes to displaying products within your business, you will want to make sure that your designs

Christmas 2020 Opening and Closing Times

Our factory and office will be closed from 12 noon on 23rd December and will reopen 8am Monday 4th January 2021. Our last production and dispatch day will be Monday 21st December,

Perspex Sneeze Screens

Perspex Sneeze Screens were not a product we thought we would be manufacturing this year. What a year it has been! Never in the 27 years of business has GJ Plastics seen

GJ Plastics Signage & Displays | Signs and Digital Printing.

GJ Plastics Signage & Displays produces a variety of Acrylic Displays for retail and events. Correx Sign, Foamex board Printing, sneeze Guard, and more.

Perspex Acrylic Sneeze Guard.

Acrylic Sneeze Guard was designed to help with the battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19). These screens are manufactured to ensure a barrier between your employees and customers. These sneeze guards are tools to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and provide a barrier to block airborne particles.

Acrylic Displays.

GJ Plastics Ltd is an acrylic display specialist; we offer a comprehensive range of plastic fabrication products for point of sale.

If you choose, you may have a display uniquely designed by one of our product designers.

Our team is passionate about taking your project or ideas from initial design concepts and manufacturing and delivery.

You have peace of mind knowing that your displays are made in our UK factory by our skilled fabrication technicians. We focus on ensuring quality is maintained throughout production.

We also have an outstanding reputation in the UK for producing exceptional products designed to carry out the required task.

Our sales and customer support teams are available to assist you throughout your buying experience.

Sign Printing.

GJ Plastics Ltd has a large format printing department, consisting of roll-to-roll printers and flatbed printers.

We make thousands of printed pieces of vinyl, roller banners or outdoor banners, offering a vast selection to choose from.

Our Flatbed printers use the latest UV stable inks; we offer Correx Printing, Acrylic Signs, Foamex board printing and Dibond sign Printing.

We also print Correx signs for festivals, events and promotions.

Correx printing is a great, cost effective way to promote your business or event. Corrugated plastic sheets are an inexpensive way of creating signage.

Correx printing is of excellent value and offers superb quality. We can cut your Correx signs to the size or shape you require or print large panels.

Sign Printing to Foamex board or Printed Dibond are perfect for events and promoting your company or products.

All our signage displays offer you cost effective promotional solutions.

Cut Plastic Sheeting.

We offer an extensive range of acrylic sheets and other cut plastic sheet materials such as Foamex boards, Dibond panels and also Correx sheeting for you to choose.

GJ Plastics Ltd ensures all your signage & display solutions, and sign branding meet your expected quality needs.

GJ Plastics offer excellent trade prices on our Correx signs, Foamex print, Dibond printing and Perspex signage. In addition, we print roller banners and also PVC outdoor banners.

Displays for retail and events.

GJ Plastics offer you exclusive designed Displays. The quality Displays from Plinths, Pedestals, Corner Plinths and Display shelving will enhance any location, retail, events, exhibition or home and office.

Home and Office.

Take a look at the comprehensive range of modern display products and furniture for the home office.
The designer Pedestals and  Plinths, Corner Shelving, Wall shelving, modern bookcases offer effective displaying solutions for the office and home.

Acrylic Splashbacks.

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in our homes, which means getting grubby and dirty quickly. However, there are plenty of ways that you can try to keep your kitchen clean and look as fresh as possible. One way is with Perspex splashbacks. Acrylic splashbacks are also the ideal replacement for tiles in your bathroom, utility or cloakroom area.

But, what are they, and why do people choose to add them into your kitchen, bathroom, utility or cloakroom?

Aluminium Showcases.

Showcases to display products at retail and Events. Aluminium Display Showcases not only look great but offer an effective method of displaying products.

About GJ Plastics.

GJ Plastics Ltd is an innovative, exciting, vibrant and professional printing and display solutions company; who offer unique design and manufacturing solutions.

Our in-house product designers also use the latest 3D Cad software to develop a vast range of point-of-sale display products, counter and floor standing in Acrylic and other materials.

Once designed, our highly skilled team produce them in our Fabrication and cut plastic sheeting department.

We also offer imaginative solutions for signage & displays, sign printing and cut plastic sheeting.


Acrylic Printing:

1) What thickness of material do you use?
As a standard, we use 5mm thick Acrylic for the acrylic printing. There is, however, an option to upgrade to 10mm thick acrylic if you prefer.
2) What brand of Acrylic do you use?
We only use the Perspex™ brand, as this is British or European manufactured and considered the market leader in quality and performance.
3) Are acrylic prints waterproof?
Whilst most acrylic prints produced are used internally, they can also actually be used outdoors as well. The print and acrylic panel is fully waterproof and UV resistant.

Print onto Acrylic:

1) What is the largest size acrylic print you can offer?
We can print onto Acrylic at a whopping 8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm) in one piece using our brand new Jetrix Flatbed printer.
2) Can you print onto Acrylic with white ink?
Yes, our machines have white ink capability; for complete edge to edge prints such as photographs, we will flood fill the back of the panel with white ink to make the image even more vibrant. We can also back print white background to help logos or text stand out against darker scenes.
3) Is printing onto acrylic expensive?
Technology in the large format printing industry has moved extremely fast over the last ten years, and we can now print more quickly and at a better quality than ever before. The saving on speed now makes printing on Acrylic more cost-effective, leading to lower customer prices.

Acrylic Signs:

1) Do you have a limitation on colours for my print?
Acrylic Signs are digitally produced using the CMYK colour format. So, any number of colours reproduced. Ensure is that your artwork is sent over in CMYK colour mode and high resolution.
2) How long does it take to produce an Acrylic Sign?
Typically orders are produced in around 5-7 working days.
3) Can you check my image to see if it is suitable for Acrylic Printing?
Yes, all you need to do is email it over to info@gjplastics.co.uk and let us know what size you are interested in ordering, and one of the print team can check your file and let you know if it is suitable to be produced as acrylic signage.

Aluminium Composite Signs:

1) What is the aluminium composite?
Aluminium composite, often known by its brand name Dibond, comprises a thin aluminium skin, either size of a plastic composite material. It is also widely used in the signage industry, and it is durable and hard-wearing.
2) Can aluminium composite (ACM) signs be drilled?
Yes, ACM or Aluminium composite is very simple to drill. A standard HSS bit is the ideal tool for the job. So, if done correctly, there should be no danger of the panel splitting
3) How long with my aluminium Composite sign last?
It depends on several factors, such as the weather and direct sunlight. Most signs will also last several years before you get any noticeable fading. You can also have a gloss or matt laminate put over the print, which will increase the sign’s lifespan. ~

Dibond Printing:

1) What is Dibond?
Dibond is a brand name of aluminium composite sheeting and is considered one of the leading brands. They are comprised of two very thin pieces of solid aluminium laminated to either side of a plastic composite material. It has a very smooth surface and therefore makes it ideal for printing onto.
2) How large can you make a Printed Dibond?
Our printers can direct print onto Dibond at a 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft) size as one piece. We can also tile artworks together to make up extensive signage displays such as printed hoarding boards.
3) How long does it take for you to produce Dibond prints?
Lead times are typically 5-7 working days from receipt of artwork and payment.

Corrugated Plastic Sheets Printing:

Corrugated plastic sheets, often known as Correx Signs, are a great way of creating signage at a cost-effective price. We can print corrugated plastic sheets using the latest UV printing technology; these plastic Correx signs are used for Estate agent boards and security signs. Popular sizes of corrugated plastic sheets are A4, A3, A2 and also A1.

Foamex Signs:

Is Foamex durable enough for signs?
Despite its name, Foamex is a hard rigid plastic, not a squishy foam material. As a result, it makes excellent medium-term signage and is also fully waterproof.

What size do you print Foamex signs?

We have all the standard paper sizes to choose from on the website. However, as we print all our signs in house, we can offer bespoke signs up to 2440mm x 1220mm as one piece larger signs created using several sheets of material.
Is Foamex fire rated?
If fire rating is a particular concern, then Foamex is one of the best materials to use as it is class 1 fire rated. So, it makes it ideal for airports, train stations and also shopping centres.

Foamex Printing for all Signage & Displays:

Do you use RGB or CMYK colour when printing Foamex?
Foamex printing is produced in CMYK colour mode. Our RIP software will automatically change your artwork colours to CMYK if you send it in RGB, so you may find the colours will come out different to what you have seen on your screen. It is also always best to design your artwork in CMYK wherever possible. Check out our artwork requirements for further details.

How do I send you my artwork for Foamex prints?

Place the order online, and you will receive a confirmation email with your order number.

Then just reply to this and attach your artwork, ideally in PDF format, CMYK colour mode. We can accept up to 15MB files via email, larger artwork files sent over via www.wetransfer.com

Do you offer trade Foamex printing?

Yes, we certainly do, this makes up quite a large part of our business, allowing us to offer excellent prices. If you are a trade customer who wishes to become a re-seller of our foamex printing, please contact a team member who will be happy to help.